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Raffaella Carrà’s Dressing Room (1983)

In 1983 the popularity of the Italian showgirl Raffaella Carrà was about to peak: in that year she would start hosting Pronto, Raffaella?, one of the most successful tv programmes of the decade. Angelo Deligio took these wonderful pictures of Raffaella in her dressing room, surrounded by beauty products, personal items (see the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas box above) and design objects [1].

lancome_vintagetoniquedouceur_bornunicornThe first beauty products that have captured my attention are by Lancôme. Raffaella used the classic toner/cleansing milk duo: the toner is Tonique Douceur, while the cleansing milk is Galatéis Douceur.

maxfactor_panstikvintage_bornunicornBy the mirror there’s also Max Factor Pan Stik, along with a tiny bottle of Imidazyl eye drops and a box of Chicco cotton buds.

This picture was taken on the opposite side of the room. The Lancôme duo is still visible, but next to Raffaella there’s another intriguing bottle.

jeannegatineauvintage_bornunicornHere it is again. It’s a Jeanne Gatineau product, probably an oil make-up remover. The trademark pink packaging can be found in the first picture, too, where a pink box sits by the mirror.

evianspraywater_bornunicornIf we move to the opposite side of the room, next to Raffaella, there are other two products – Schwarzkopf Taft hairspray and Evian spray mineral water.

[1] In the pictures there are Ericsson Ericofon phone and Philips wired broadcast receiver.

Molly’s Game (2017)

molly's game_bornunicorn (3)There are many beauty products and make-up items on Molly Bloom’s bathroom counter. Among them (from left to right):

elizabetharden_refiningtonerlotion_bornunicornElizabeth Arden refining toner lotion (now discontinued)

nuxe_huileprodigieuseseche_bornunicornNuxe Huile Prodigieuse multi-purpose dry oil


A Mason Pearson hair brush

chanel_nailpolishes_bornunicornSome Chanel nail polishes

chanelbodycream_bornunicornChanel fresh body cream

lancometoniquedouceur_bornunicornLancôme Tonique Douceur hydrating lotion

pecksniffs_almondandsheahandduo_bornunicornThe Almond & Shea hand care duo by Pecksniffs, which includes a moisturising hand & body lotion and a nourishing hand wash in pump bottles.

Shopgirl (2005)

shopgirl_bornunicorn (5)Lisa Cramer (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras) is a bored sales assistant at the perfume counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in Los Angeles. Let’s see what’s on her counter.

Bulgari BLV is presented in two versions: the blue and silver bottle is BLV Pour Homme (created by Alberto Morillas in 2001), while the blue bottle is BLV Absolute, launched in 2002.

There are many products by Boucheron. First, the body lotion and the perfumed dusting powder from the Boucheron Pour Femme line.

boucheron_jaipursaphir_bornunicornThere’s Boucheron Jaipur Saphir, created by Nathalie Lorson in 1999. 

eaudecartierconcentree_bornunicornThen there’s a bottle of Cartier Eau de Cartier Concentrée, created by Christine Nagel in 2002.

lanvinlhomme_bornunicornAnother perfume seen on Lisa’s counter is Lanvin L’Homme, another creation by Alberto Morillas, launched in 1997.

cartierpashadecartier_bornunicornHalf-hidden behind the Lanvin there’s a bottle of Cartier Pasha de Cartier, a 1992 creation by Jacques Cavallier.

On the right side of the counter there are several skincare products by Lancôme – two make-up removers (Bi-Facil and Effacil, in the dark blue bottle) and two toners (Tonique Douceur and Tonique Controle).