bodycare in movies

The Girl on the Train (2016)

There are several body cleansers in Megan's shower. The first from the left is a body and hand wash by Jo Malone. When she gets near the window (from where she can see the train to New York passing through), the other three products are clearer. The first is Eucalyptus body cleanser by C. O.… Continue reading The Girl on the Train (2016)

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Compagni di scuola (1988)

Federica (Nancy Brilli) is a glamourous woman who invites her high-school class mates to her beautiful mansion 15 years after their diploma. They will reminisce the best years of their lives but also bitterly reflect on their present. The opening sequence is set in the hostess' bedroom, where's she's applying her make-up. The first object… Continue reading Compagni di scuola (1988)

bodycare in movies, perfumes in movies

Seberg (2019)

Jean Seberg (Kristen Stewart) is getting ready for a photoshoot in her beautiful Hollywood mansion. There are some beauty items on her vanity, two of which are by Avon.The first is the dark red jar, which contains body lotion (in the film, the make-up artist puts it on Jean's hands). As I've already pointed out,… Continue reading Seberg (2019)

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Dove non ho mai abitato (2017)

There's a tube of Dr. Hauschka body cream in Francesca's bathroom. The tube with the red band contains creams in different scents - almond, lavender sandalwood and rose. The front side of the tube can't be read, so it's impossible to tell exactly what cream it is. There's also a spray can of La Roche-Posay… Continue reading Dove non ho mai abitato (2017)