perfumes in photography

Belles Filles, 1977

Belles Filles is a photoshoot by Guy Bourdin released in 1977. Some distinctive elements of the French photographer's style are present in the picture above - the dreamy atmosphere, satin clothes, high heels - along with a beautiful set of famous perfumes. The first of the perfumes on the washbasin is Chanel No. 5, originally… Continue reading Belles Filles, 1977

perfumes in tv shows

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S01E06 (Mrs. X at the Gaslight)

When Susie Meyerson (Alex Borstein) pays Midge a visit at B. Altman, we are given a perfect product placement moment: a factice bottle of Guerlain Chamade gets its own shot. There's a problem, though: the beautiful Pochet et du Courval leaf-shaped bottle shouldn't be sitting at a department store in 1958, because the Paul Guerlain… Continue reading The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S01E06 (Mrs. X at the Gaslight)

perfumes in tv shows

Tales of the Unexpected S05E01 (Blue Marigold)

Myra (Toyah Willcox) is the celebrated face of the Blue Marigold advertising campaign, but she descends into self-destruction when she is told she is unsuitable for the perfume commercials because of her voice. The bottle used for the fictitious perfume is not fictitious at all: it's Guerlain Chamade! The balsamic floral perfume was created by… Continue reading Tales of the Unexpected S05E01 (Blue Marigold)

perfumes in movies

Étoile (1989)

There are two Nina Ricci perfumes on a dressing table: L'Air du Temps and Fleur de Fleurs. The first, launched in 1948, was created by Francis Fabron; the second, launched in 1982, was created by Betty Busse. Next to them, on the left, there's a bottle of Guerlain Chamade, a 1969 creation by Jean-Paul Guerlain.… Continue reading Étoile (1989)

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Devious Maids S01E06 (Walking the Dog)

A Mason Pearson handy-size hair brush and Chanel white and pink nail polishes can be seen on Genevieve Delatour’s dressing table. There are lots of perfumes on those glass shelves! On the top shelf, Paloma Picasso and Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise perfumes can be seen; on the bottom shelf there are Guerlain Chamade, Yves Saint Laurent Paris… Continue reading Devious Maids S01E06 (Walking the Dog)