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The Supremes (1965)

This beautiful portrait of the Supremes (Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson and Diana Ross) was taken in 1965 by photographer Bruce Davidson, who went into the trio’s dressing room and took pictures of them getting ready for a performance.

Florence was holding a Maybelline eye pencil.

Moving to the centre of the table, we can see a bottle of Revlon Touch & Glow liquid make-up.

Seeing the iconic squared bottle of Chanel eau de cologne on this table filled me with joy. I wonder who wore it – Mary Wilson (the bottle is standing right in front of her) or the others too?

The small bottle next to the Chanel one is Yardley hand cream.

The large jar in front of Diana Ross is Pond’s cold cream, the classic make-up remover that I’ve spotted in films and on real-life dressing table an endless number of times.

Thanks to Kailey for submitting this post and identifying most of the beauty products.

Johnny Hallyday’s Dressing Room (1965)

Photographer Pierre Fournier portrayed the French singer and actor Johnny Hallyday in his dressing room at the Olympia music hall in Paris in 1965. The room walls are plastered with telegrams, while two interesting bottles sit on the table.

The bottle with the tiny bow around the neck is a classic: Eau de Cologne FraƮche by Christian Dior, a citrus fragrance created by Edmund Roudnitska and launched in 1955. Probably it was this cologne that started a life-long love story between the artist and the brand (he was the face of Eau Sauvage in 2000 and attended many Dior fashion shows).

The second bottle is from another staple of Parisian perfumery: Chanel. This huge squared bottle surely contained an eau de cologne. Not sure about the exact fragrance but, judging from the lettering on the front label, it may be Cuir de Russie, created by Ernest Beaux and first launched in perfume form in 1924.

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