Kärlek & Anarki S01E01 (Hur allt började)

There are so many interesting skincare products on Sofie’s bathroom shelf, most of them by Scandinavian brands.

The white tube on the far left is from the Dermalogica Powerbright line. Unclear if it’s the moisturizer or the overnight cream.

The tall white and grey pump bottle is another Dermalogica product – the special cleansing gel.

The tall baby blue bottle is a product by the Swedish brand Estelle & Thild – the 3-in-1 cleansing foam.

The small glass bottle contains Olaplex No. 7 bonding oil.

The tall bottles with silver caps are other two products by Estelle & Thild. The first from the left is the firming anti-age cream, the second contains the night recovery anti-age cream.

Thanks to a different angle we can see other two Dermalogica products – the Solar Defense Booster SPF50 in the small bottle with grey cap and the Daily Resurfacer exfoliating pouches in the metal jar.

There’s also Byredo Carrousel scented candle in the black jar.

The very last product I have identified is the refining exfoliating toner by the Swedish brand Björk & Berries.

Thanks to my reader Sylvinka for submitting this post.

Gli indifferenti (1964)

Lisa (Shelley Winters) and her friend Maria Grazia (Paulette Goddard) are spending some time together while relaxing: they discuss about the upcoming social events they want to go to.

On a small table behind Lisa there’s a splash bottle of Guerlain Eau de Cologne Impériale, created by Pierre François Pascal Guerlain for Empress Eugenie in 1853.

On a table between the two friends there’s a bottle of Acqua distillata alle rose by Roberts, a classic rose water that’s available everywhere in Italy.

The Sandman S01E09 (Collectors)

There are two interesting perfumes on Lyta’s dressing table. And they are very much so because this scene has an unusual setting: this table is in the house that Lyta’s deceased husband Hector has built for them in the Dreaming.

They are probably perfumes that the woman already wears on the ordinary plan of reality or maybe they have been selected to be worn in a different dimension.

The first fragrance (boxed) is Chanel Coco eau de toilette. It’s an amber spicy creation by Jacques Polge, first launched in 1984.

The second, in the gold bottle, is the extrait de parfum of Yves Saint Laurent Cinéma, an amber floral fragrance created by Jacques Cavallier and launched in 2004.

Thanks to LePetitCivet and reveur_etc for the YSL id.

Elvis (2022)

Toiletries and medicine bottles cover the two dressing tables seen in the film. On both occasions three products stand out, all of them by Old Spice.

The two white bottles are an Old Spice travel set: the bottle with white cap contains after-shave talcum, while the one with red cap contains after-shave lotion.

The green bottle with white cap is from the Lime collection, introduced in 1966. From an 1973 catalogue we can see that this introductory-size bottle could contain the after-shave lotion or the cologne.

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 (2021)

Deena (Kiara Madeira) is ready for the final battle against her archenemy, Sheriff Nick Goode. While hiding in a bathroom at the Shadyside Mall, she chooses Calvin Klein CK One to cover up her scent.

No surprises here: what other mainstream fragrance could a teenager choose for such a purpose in 1994? The citrus aromatic creation by Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont was launched in that year: housed in a minimalistic flask, it took the fragrance world and the collective imagination by storm.

When Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr.) hugs Deena, his comment on how she smells like will go down in history as the most accurate description of CK One. I have never felt like an “androgynous baby” when I wear it, but it really makes sense.

Sweet Bird of Youth (1989)

In 1989 Elizabeth Taylor starred in the drama TV film Sweet Bird of Youth, directed by Nicolas Roeg, based on the 1959 play by Tennessee Williams.

The publicity shot above by Greg Gorman portrays Taylor sitting at a mirrored dressing table. Most of the bottles in front of her are decorative, but there’s one which is very distinctive.

It’s Caron Nuit de Noël, whose beautiful black bottle was modified with a golden pump atomiser. This woody floral fragrance, launched in 1922, is a creation by Ernest Daltroff.

Bewitched S01E05 (Help, Help, Don’t Save Me)

Samantha is packing to move to her mother’s house after arguing with her husband Darrin: she suggested slogans for an advertising campaign he was working on but he suspects she used magic to help.

There are four perfume bottles on her dressing table, three of which I have been able to identify.

The first two bottles on the left are Revlon Intimate, a chypre floral fragrance launched in 1955.

The tall balloon bottle is Lucien Lelong Tailspin cologne, a floral green creation by Jean Carles launched in 1940.

Screencap via ladiesofthepast.

Confusi e felici (2014)

There are two perfume bottles in Marcello’s bathroom.

The one with the gold stopper is a fragrance by L’Artisan Parfumeur (old packaging): the sticker on the bottle is unreadable but it’s pink, so it could be Jour de Fête, created in 2004 by Olivia Giacobetti.

The second bottle is unmistakable: it’s Hermès Terre d’Hermès, one of the masterpieces by Jean-Claude Ellena, launched in 2006.

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