perfumes in tv shows

Ratched S01E03 (Angel of Mercy)

Mildred (Sarah Paulson) is about to meet the private detective Charles Wainwright in her room again. On her dressing table we see an old acquaintance and a new bottle. The tall ribbed bottle - previously seen in the pilot - is Moment Suprême eau de cologne by Jean Patou. The other bottle is the Lanvin… Continue reading Ratched S01E03 (Angel of Mercy)

perfumes in tv shows

Ratched S01E01 (Pilot)

The outfit of the Hollywood star Barbara Stanwyck on the cover of Picturegoer Film Weekly magazine [1] serves as source of inspiration for Mildred Ratched. When it comes to perfumes, though, the nurse has got her own taste. The large splash bottle on the left is Platino / Platinum / Platine by Dana, a fragrance… Continue reading Ratched S01E01 (Pilot)

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This Boy’s Life (1993)

"Kill or cure" is the brutal parenting technique used by Dwight Hansen (Robert De Niro) with his stepson Toby (Leonardo Di Caprio). The first thing he forces the boy to do is getting a military flat-top haircut, much to the boy's dismay. At the barber's shop a tin can of Clubman Pinaud talc can be… Continue reading This Boy’s Life (1993)

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Bless This Mess S01E04 (Predators)

Several beauty products in Rio's bedroom (from left to right): The green bottle is Tata Harper hydrating floral essence The tube is Reverence Aromatique hand balm by Aesop The white bottle is Kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer The metallic grey nail polish is by Essie Thanks to Emily for the screencap and ids.

bodycare in tv shows, haircare in tv shows, skincare in tv shows, soaps in tv shows

I Am Not Okay with This S01E04 (Stan by Me)

There are several products in Stanley's shower. The green bottle on the top shelf is Prell Classic Clean shampoo. The grey bottle next to it is Dove Men+ Care extra fresh body and face wash. The green soap on the second shelf is by Irish Spring. The blue tube on the same shelf is Noxzema… Continue reading I Am Not Okay with This S01E04 (Stan by Me)

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Five Feet Apart (2019)

There's a box of Tonino Lamborghini Invincibile eau de toilette in Will's bathroom. This fragrance was launched in 2018. The green pump bottle on the left is Purell hand sanitizer (the front label has been removed). The plastic bag in the background contains a discontinued product - Walgreens extended-angle floss picks. Thanks to Emily for… Continue reading Five Feet Apart (2019)