stars' vanities/make-up cases/cabinets in real life

Brigitte Bardot’s Dressing Table

Wearing a scarlet red dress by Christian Dior, Brigitte Bardot was portrayed in her dressing room while getting ready to attend a gala in Munich in 1957. There were many beauty products displayed on the table but one has caught my attention: the teal lace box containing a bottle. If you're a fan of vintage… Continue reading Brigitte Bardot’s Dressing Table

perfumes in movies

Le bonheur (1965)

A bottle of Lancôme Lavandes sits in the Chevaliers' bathroom. Created by Armand Petitjean and launched in 1945, it was usually housed in a peculiar long-neck bottle designed by Georges Delhomme (see the advert above). In this case, the bottle is decorated by horizontal fluting; the design of the original label has been changed, but… Continue reading Le bonheur (1965)

stars' vanities/make-up cases/cabinets in real life

Cecil Baldwin’s Dresser

Cecil Baldwin, the narrator of Welcome to Night Vale podcast and host of Night Vale's radio station, keeps several memorabilia of the popular podcast in his house. In the picture above, some perfumes can be seen too. Among them, a fragrance by Aesop and Farina Cuir de Russie eau de toilette. This classic fragrance, also… Continue reading Cecil Baldwin’s Dresser

make-up products in photography

Siobhan in My Mirror, 1992

Nan Goldin took this picture in 1992, using the same setting (her bedroom in Hornstraße, Berlin) she used in the same year for a portrait of Joey. Clarins Le Teint Mat Multi Éclat foundation makes another appearance. But there's also a Christian Dior eyeshadow palette in the beautiful blue compact with gold details.