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Day Out of Days (2015)

There are several beauty products in Mia’s bathroom cabinet.

On the top shelf there’s a bottle of MCMC Noble fragrance, created by Anne McClain and launched in 2009.

On the same shelf there’s a jar of Iwilla Remedy My Skin Glows vegan nourishing cream.

Another product of the same brand –  I Love My Armpits deodorant in Baby Powder – can be seen on the middle shelf.

On the same shelf there’s a bottle of Sinful Colors nail polish.

On the bottom shelf there’s a bottle of Hamadi Organics shea leave-in moisturizing styling cream.

Last, a tube of MAC lipstick.

Thanks to Jennifer for submitting this post.

Hanyo (2010)

Most of the beauty products on Hae-ra’s vanity are by the French brand Sisley Paris.

Half-hidden among other bottles there’s Phyto-Blanc Le Concentré pure bright activating serum.

In the central part of the table there are three tubes of Phyto Lip Shine lipstick.

Next to the lipsticks there’s a pump bottle of Phyto Teint Éclat long-lasting fluid foundation.

Behind the fluid foundation there’s a bottle of PhytoBlanc lightening toning lotion with botanical extracts.

Next there are two products for the eye area – the gentle eye and lip make-up remover and the eye contour mask.

On the far right side of the vanity there’s a tube of Eau de Campagne moisturizing body lotion.

Chanson douce (2019)

Mila (Assya Da Silva) and her nanny Louise (Karin Viard) standing in the bathroom give us a chance to take a look at the busy shelf by the mirror.

The perfume bottle on the far left is Hermès Un Jardin après la Mousson, a warm spicy eau de toilette created by Jean-Claude Ellena and launched in 2008.

Several products are by Estée Lauder: the first is Sumptuous Extreme mascara.

The second is Double Wear Nude foundation.

Another brand Myriam (Mila’s mother) likes is La Roche-Posay. The white tube on the left is Hydreane Extra Riche thermal spring water cream.

The aqua jar with gold cap is another Estée Lauder product – DayWear Matte oil-control anti-oxidant moisture gel creme.

Moving to the right side of the shelf, we can see a bottle of Weleda toning lotion.

Next, a spray bottle of La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF30 sunscreen.

Last, the white tube is La Roche-Posay Lipikar anti-dryness body milk.

Right in the centre of the shelf there’s Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick. It’s a very personal item, but Louise doesn’t think twice before wearing it.

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Lasciarsi un giorno a Roma (2021)

There are only products by Sisley Paris on Zoe’s dressing table.

The tall bottle with black cap on the far left is Eau Efficace gentle make-up remover.

There are three bottles of Phyto-Teint Ultra Éclat liquid foundation.

There’s a tube of Le Phyto Rouge lipstick on the white ceramic tray on the left.

There are also two jars of Phyto-Poudre Libre loose powder.

There are two bottles of Phyto-Teint Expert liquid foundation.

The white tube with silver cap is Instant Éclat instant glow primer.

On the right side of the table there’s a pump bottle of Émulsion Écologique moisturiser.

Last, the tall bottle with white stopper is the grapefruit toning lotion.

In the middle of the table there are several Phyto-Lip Twist Mat lip colours in pencil form. Zoe (Marta Nieto) uses one of them later in the film.

Sage femme (2017)

Béatrice (Catherine Deneuve) has a very interesting selection of fragrances and beauty products on her bathroom glass shelf.

On the far left there’s a bottle of Chanel No. 5 without stopper. This doesn’t come as a surprise: the French actress was the testimonial of the iconic fragrance in the 1970s.

Moving to the right, we can see a bottle of Chanel red nail polish.

There’s also a Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in its beautiful glossy black case with golden details.

Chanel No. 5 appears in its eau de cologne vintage version, too.

The purple spray bottle contains Sothys Elixir Nourissant Corps nourishing body elixir in Fleur de cerisier et Lotus.

Béatrice doesn’t use Chanel make-up and fragrances only: the white jar with black cap is from the Précision skincare line.

The tall bottle with glossy cap is Dior Diorskin liquid foundation.

Last but not least, on the far right we find Sothys Lotion Vitalité cleansing lotion for normal to combination skin.

Sugar & Spice (2001)

There are several interesting beauty products on Diane’s dressing table.

The two tall bottles on the left are bodycare products by Bath & Body Works – Heart’s Desire moisture-rich body lotion and matching body wash.

On the glass tray on the right there’s basically a Clinique corner.

There are two bottles of clarifying lotion.

The aqua green jar with silver cap is Advanced Cream.

There are also two silver tubes of Dramatically Different lipstick.

Last, two bottles of Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion.

Thanks to my friend Jennifer who identified the Bath & Body Works for me.

Bones and All (2022)

There’s a small glass bottle of Oil of Olay beauty lotion on the dressing table in the house of one of Sully’s victims.

The pineapple-shaped bottle is Avon Pineapple Petite. It’s impossible to tell what fragrance it contains because the American brand has often used the same bottle to house different scents.

Behind Pineapple Petite there’s a rare bottle of Jonteel fragrance. This is part of a line produced by Langlois and discontinued in 1941; as explained by Grace at Cleopatra’s Boudoir it included “perfume, toilet water, face powder, vanishing cream, cold cream face powder, soap, cold cream, wool powder puffs, and talcum powder.”

Other two Avon products are on the dressing table, too: they are Lemon Velvet and Lily of the Valley cream sachet jars.

Thanks to Alessandra for submitting this post, to Caroline Louise for the Jonteel id and to Kelly in the comments for the Avon cream sachet id.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2010)

When Alex (Guy Pearce) opens his bathroom cabinet, we can see several beauty products.

A bottle of Redken Align 12 straightening lotion can be seen on the top shelf.

Redken Ringlet 07 curl-perfecting lotion for medium hair can be seen on the second shelf.

The blue tube on the same shelf is definitely a Kiehl’s product. Reading the front label is impossible, so my guess is that this is Facial Fuel energizing moisture treatment for men.

The bottle on the bottom shelf is Tom Ford Extreme, a woody earthy fragrance launched in 2007.

Next, there’s a bottle of Dermalogica special cleansing gel.

The pump bottle on the second shelf and the tube on the bottom shelf are Redken products, possibly from their men’s line (old packaging).

Thanks to Alessandra for submitting this post and to lepetitcivet for the Tom Ford id.

Do Revenge (2022)

Drea (Camila Mendes) working on her sewing machine is a good occasion to let us take a look at her dressing table, which is full of interesting products.

First of all, there’s a tube of Glossier Body Hero daily perfecting cream.

There are some perfume bottles on the left, one of which is quite surprising.

The tall fluted bottle with gold stopper is a Bernard Chant creation from 1965 – the chypre woody Imprevu by Coty. It’s such an unusual sighting that I would really love to know how it was picked by the prop masters. Did they want to give a vintage feel to the dressing table?

There’s also a Glossier beauty bag.

In the white ceramic bowl there are several Glossier make-up products, among which the Skywash sheer matte lid tint in Terra (burnt sienna).

On the far right side of the table there are two skincare products by Joanna Vargas – the Vitamin C face wash and the daily serum.