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Stevie Nicks’ Tables


I’ve covered Stevie Nicks’ bathrooms and dressing rooms several times: I’ve always loved her music and style, so it’s intriguing to identify the beauty products and perfumes she uses in real life. Some time ago a reader of this blog submitted a couple of pictures from the 1980s I’d never seen before. In both of them, there’s a mysterious product (a tall plastic bottle with black cap) which I was asked to identify.


The product in question is one of the most popular products by Neutrogena, a body oil. The advert above shows the packaging in 1979. This is not the exact bottle seen on Stevie Nicks’ tables, though, because the cap has a different shape.


The bottle shown in this advert from 1985 is more like it, even if I think the oil bottle seen in the second Stevie picture has a larger size.

In the first picture two Erno Laszlo bottles (lotion or Shake-It tinted treatment) can be seen as well.

Thanks to James for submitting this post and to Cédric for the id.

Julie Newmar’s Dressing Table (2016)

This amazing picture of Julie Newmar was posted by hair stylist and make-up artist Louise Moon on her Instagram account. The iconic American actress, dancer and singer, who was the original Catwoman in the 1966 Batman tv show, was getting ready for a charity event.

wp-1474351062249.jpgThere’s a bottle of Erno Laszlo Shake It tinted treatment on her dressing table, on the left. This is a dual-phase skin-tone evener product with a matte finish.

wp-1474656313795.jpgThere’s also a tube of Duo eyelash glue, just behind the standing mirror.

Thanks to Ramón for the Laszlo id and Jennifer for the Duo one.


Erno Laszlo Reimagined by Zelda Di FooFoo

I’ve often written about fictional perfumes and beauty products in movies and tv shows. They can’t be found in shops, so they’re destined to be the result of someone’s imagination forever. How awesome would it be, though, to turn them into something real? Zelda Di FooFoo, a fellow Erno Laszlo fan, has taken the idea to a higher level by inventing the Sea Mud Botanical cleansing balm, a product which doesn’t currently exist. If I were at the helm of Erno Laszlo, I would start its production right away.


This is the first product in a series called Erno Reimagined – the brand reimagined in its iconic packaging with products that will never exist. Zelda explains: “I see this Sea Mud Botanical cleansing balm as having a crisp marine yet herby scent reminiscent of the old-formula sea mud bar. It would include organic oils of almond, safflower and jojoba and plenty of castor oil for its pore clearing properties, along with sea mud and purified sea water and sea algae. Suitable for all clocks, used either alone or followed with sea mud soap for a double cleanse. The reasoning is to encourage circulation boosting facial massage while infusing the skin with minerals.”

It sounds like heaven to me, don’t you agree?

The Polanskis’ Bathroom Shelf (1968)


This picture of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski was taken by Bill Ray in London in 1968. On the bathroom shelf I can see some Erno Laszlo products (among which a jar of pHelityl Cream) and a Revlon nail polish. There are also Rochas Moustache and La Bottega Vetiver colognes.

Thanks to Showtimesynergy in the comments for the Rochas id.