Julie Newmar’s Dressing Table

This amazing picture of Julie Newmar was posted by hair stylist and make-up artist Louise Moon on her Instagram account. The iconic American actress, dancer and singer, who was the original Catwoman in the 1966 Batman tv show, was getting ready for a charity event. There’s a bottle of Erno Laszlo Shake It tinted treatment on her dressing table, on the left. This is a … Continue reading Julie Newmar’s Dressing Table

Erno Laszlo Reimagined by Zelda Di FooFoo

I’ve often written about fictional perfumes and beauty products in movies and tv shows. They can’t be found in shops, so they’re destined to be the result of someone’s imagination forever. How awesome would it be, though, to turn them into something real? Zelda Di FooFoo, a fellow Erno Laszlo fan, has taken the idea to a higher level by inventing the Sea Mud Botanical cleansing … Continue reading Erno Laszlo Reimagined by Zelda Di FooFoo

The Polanskis’ Bathroom Shelf

This picture of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski was taken by Bill Ray in London in 1968. On the bathroom shelf I can see some Erno Laszlo products (among which a jar of pHelityl Cream) and a Revlon nail polish. There are also Rochas Moustache and La Bottega Vetiver colognes. Thanks to Showtimesynergy in the comments for the Rochas id. Continue reading The Polanskis’ Bathroom Shelf