Stevie Nicks’ Tables


I’ve covered Stevie Nicks’ bathrooms and dressing rooms several times: I’ve always loved her music and style, so it’s intriguing to identify the beauty products and perfumes she uses in real life. Some time ago a reader of this blog submitted a couple of pictures from the 1980s I’d never seen before. In both of them, there’s a mysterious product (a tall plastic bottle with black cap) which I was asked to identify.


The product in question is one of the most popular products by Neutrogena, a body oil. The advert above shows the packaging in 1979. This is not the exact bottle seen on Stevie Nicks’ tables, though, because the cap has a different shape.


The bottle shown in this advert from 1985 is more like it, even if I think the oil bottle seen in the second Stevie picture has a larger size.

In the first picture two Erno Laszlo bottles (lotion or Shake-It tinted treatment) can be seen as well.

Thanks to James for submitting this post and to Cédric for the id.

4 thoughts on “Stevie Nicks’ Tables”

  1. I can also see a couple of Erno Laszlo bottles on her dresser ( either for ‘Shake-It’ or one of the controlling lotions) and a Clarins bottle. I know many celebrities used at least a couple of Laszlo products ( if not the full prescribed ritual) through the 1970s and into the early 80s when it was seen as THE skincare brand to use ( if you could afford it! ) You had to buy the full ritual for your skin type to even be allowed to purchase single items later on so I’m guessing Stevie Nicks must have had a consultation and used the full Laszlo ritual at some point.
    Great post – Thankyou

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