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Les choses de la vie (1970)



magriffecarvenvintage_bornunicornThere are two perfumes on the shelf of the bathroom where Pierre (Michel Piccoli) is shaving and Hélène (Romy Schneider) is putting mascara on. The white bottle with a floral pattern is the refillable atomizer of Guerlain Chant d’Arômes, created by Jean-Paul Guerlain and launched in 1962; the white and green striped box contains Carven Ma Griffe, a chypre floral perfume created by Jean Carles and launched in 1946.

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Les quatre cents coups (1959)

Les quatre cents coups_bornunicornGilberte Doinel (Claire Maurier) uses a Carven perfume.

It’s impossible to tell which one (the front label isn’t visible), but four were the Carven perfumes released before 1959 – Ma Griffe in 1946, Robe d’Un Soir in 1947, Chasse Gardée in 1950 and Vert et Blanc in 1958.




carven_vertetblanc_bornunicornAll these perfumes had the same bottle.