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Pieces of a Woman (2020)

Martha (Vanessa Kirby) goes shopping at a department store. The lip colour she wears is Maybelline Superstay Ink crayon lipstick in Settle for More. The brand sticker has been removed.

In the same display there are other Maybelline make-up items – Fit Me! Matte + Poreless foundations and Fit Me! concealers.

Mùi đu đủ xanh (1993)

thescentofgreenpapaya_bornunicorn (2)

Mui (Tran Nu Yên-Khê) started working as a maid when she was 10. Now she’s 20 and her life is about to change: she’s fallen in love with the man she works for, a pianist she’s known since she was a child. This man is still engaged, though. One day, Mui finds a red lipstick on the man’s bed, an object which makes her discover the power of seduction.


The sleek tortoiseshell black case contains Shiseido perfecting lipstick. The packaging is typical of the late 1980s/early 1990s: for example, it appears in the advertising campaign of the Eclat Futur 1991 collection.

This choice is not accurate from a historical point of view: Shiseido lipsticks had a very different packaging in the years in which this part of the film is set (the 1960s).

thescentofgreenpapaya_bornunicorn (1)

In any case, it’s a lovely make-up moment. The bright red shade that Mui wears has a metallic sheen which beautifully matches her silk blouse.

Hable con ella (2002)

hableconella_bornunicorn (3)

Benigno Martín (Javier Cámara) is a personal nurse and caregiver: he looks after Alicia Roncero, a beautiful dancer he has been obsessed with even before she was in a coma. When he opens a cabinet in the girl’s hospital room to take a Pina Bausch’s autographed picture, we can see the products he uses on her.


Three of them are by Shiseido. The red drop-shaped bottle is Energizing Fragrance, a floral eau aromatique created by Claudette Belnavis and launched in 1999.


The tall bottles are from the Relaxing Fragrance line: the one on the left (with the shorter stopper) is the body lotion, while the one in the foreground is the fragrance. Hugely successful in the late 1990s (I used it myself for a while), it’s a floral green scent released in 1997.

There are some Chanel lipglosses on the left side of the cabinet, too.

And then a limited-edition bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, the powdery white floral masterpiece by Jacques Cavallier, first launched in 1993.

Night Bloom (2020)

Night Bloom [1] is the latest creature of the talented filmmaker and actress Coco Baudelle, a short film that has been selected by several festivals around the world, including the 2020 Venice Shorts. In a bit more than 5 minutes, we are taken into a dreamy world of white roses drenched in rain, echoes from Jennifer’s Body by Karyn Kusama, satin ribbons and a seemingly endless sleep, all accented by wonderful piano scores. Lucky for us, some scenes feature beauty products, which I’ve listed as follows.

The tall bottle with black cap on the right side of the shot is Chanel Hydra Beauty essence mist.

The plastic bottle with pink cap in the beauty case is Glossier Milky Oil make-up remover.

From the left to the right: the jar contains Aquaphor healing ointment

The Chanel white tube is Hydra Beauty mask

The tall pink bottle is Glossier exfoliating solution

The white brush with nylon tufts is by Mason Pearson

The lipstick in the floral case behind the nail polish bottle is by Gucci

Last, there’s Chanel Joues Contraste blush.

The nail polish seen in the previous shot is Chanel Le Vernis velvet nail colour in Ultime.

[1] You can watch Night Bloom on Instagram.