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Stranger Things S03E01 (Suzie, Do You Copy?)

Karen Wheeler (Cara Buono) is a conflicted woman: she cares a lot about her family, even if her marriage is unhappy, but she can barely resist the bad boy charm of Billy Hargrove. He's invited her at a motel, so in this scene she's getting ready to join him there. The red lipstick she's applying… Continue reading Stranger Things S03E01 (Suzie, Do You Copy?)

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

There are several hair products on Rick Dalton's dressing table. There's a can of Rayette AquaNet hairspray. There are two bottles of hair tonic - Wildroot VAM and Vitalis V7. There's also a Barbicide disinfectant jar. Last, there's a jar of Ayer hand cream.