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This Boy’s Life (1993)

clubmanpinaudvintagetin_bornunicorn“Kill or cure” is the brutal parenting technique used by Dwight Hansen (Robert De Niro) with his stepson Toby (Leonardo Di Caprio). The first thing he forces the boy to do is getting a military flat-top haircut, much to the boy’s dismay. At the barber’s shop a tin can of Clubman Pinaud talc can be seen.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

onceuponatimeinhollywood_bornunicorn (1)There are several hair products on Rick Dalton’s dressing table.

aquanethairspray_bornunicornThere’s a can of Rayette AquaNet hairspray.


vitalishairtonic_bornunicornThere are two bottles of hair tonic – Wildroot VAM and Vitalis V7.

barbicidejar_bornunicornThere’s also a Barbicide disinfectant jar.


ayerhandcream_bornunicornLast, there’s a jar of Ayer hand cream.