The Virgin Suicides (1999)

This film has haunted the imagination of cinephiles since its release, thanks to its eerie atmosphere, suspended in the symbolical middle earth of adolescence and tainted by death.

Some of the scenes set in the bedroom of the Lisbon sisters have often piqued the interest of beauty lovers too, fascinated by the many beauty products and perfume bottles featured in them. During all these years I tried to identify some of the bottles from the screencap above, but always failed. Until today.

The bottle on the far left definitely looks like Dana Heaven Sent, created by Loc Dong and launched in 2001. But there’s a problem here, since the film was released two years earlier.

But there’s an explanation! This perfume was originally launched by Helena Rubinstein in 1941, so I believe Sofia Coppola’s prop masters chose a vintage perfume for the shot above. After all, you can see the original and the re-launched fragrances basically have the same bottle.

But there’s more: the spray bottle next to Heaven Sent is Jōvan Musk cologne, first launched in 1972.

Thanks to the invaluable help of Peter (a reader of this blog) for the ids.

3 thoughts on “The Virgin Suicides (1999)”

  1. Is the bottle “WHITE Musk” by Jovan? The juice looks like the white musk version. Just nitpicking I guess! Lol

    1. It could be. I chose this picture because the bottle is exactly the one shown in the film. But yeah, the cologne inside has a different colour from the one in the film

  2. you’re right, it is the Helena Rubinstein version! I didn’t think it was also produced in that bottle so I didn’t double check the dates.
    I’m sure several Jovan musks and possibly other drugstore colognes were produced in that packaging so that would explain differences in color, but it’s most likely one of the musks! thanks for posting

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