Big Little Lies S01E07 (You Get What You Need)

Renata (Laura Dern) has a stunning display of Lalique perfume bottles in her bathroom. From the top to the bottom shelf, from left to right:

laliqueenvol_bornunicorn2011 limited edition: Envol bottle

laliquecascade_bornunicorn2010 limited editionCascade bottle

laliquejouretnuit_bornunicorn1999 limited editionJour et Nuit bottle

laliquelenu_bornunicorn1996 limited editionLe Nu bottle

laliquepapillon_bornunicorn2003 limited edition: Papillon bottle

laliquelesmuses_bornunicorn1994 limited edition: Les Muses bottle

laliquelibellule_bornunicorn2013 limited editionLibellule bottle

laliqueanemone_bornunicorn2016 limited editionAnémone bottle

laliquelesfees_bornunicorn2006 limited edition: Les Fées bottle

laliquecommedia_bornunicorn2007 limited editionCommedia bottle

laliqueperfumedelalique_bornunicorn2012 limited editionSillage bottle

laliquelessirenes_bornunicorn2001 limited edition: Les Sirenes bottle

laliquesheherezade_bornunicorn2008 limited edition: Sheherazade bottle

laliquesylphide_bornunicorn2000 limited editionSylphide bottle

laliquedeuxpaons_bornunicorn2014 limited editionDeux Paons bottle

laliqueamour_bornunicorn1997 limited edition: Amour bottle

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