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Big Little Lies S02E06 (The Bad Mother)

Celeste (Nicole Kidman) is getting ready to go to court to fight her custody battle. She’s the only character in the show who’s consistently shown while putting make-up on. I think this is not coincidental: since S01 she’s shown as a trophy wife, a beautiful woman whose only task – according to her abusive husband – is staying beautiful and decorative. By showing her often applying make-up it’s like make-up is the gate through which she can reach her own self, but at the same time it’s a tool she uses to hide her real self, the battered and abused woman who stayed in a violent relationship for her children’s sake.

Among the products in her bathroom there are

Wet n Wild eye make-up remover

Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation

Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundationCharlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic blusher

The lipstick she uses is by NARS.

Big Little Lies S02E01 (What Have They Done?)

biglittlelies_s02e01_bornunicorn (1)biglittlelies_s02e01_bornunicorn (2)

marcjacobsenamouredhishinelipgloss_bornunicornRenata Klein (Laura Dern) is being photographed for a Women in Power magazine editorial. She’s posing in her beautiful house and wearing a red lamè dress to show she loves and is proud of her social position. The lipgloss a make-up artist applies on her is from the Enamoured hi-shine gloss lip lacquer line by Marc Jacobs.

Big Little Lies S01E07 (You Get What You Need)

Renata (Laura Dern) has a stunning display of Lalique perfume bottles in her bathroom. From the top to the bottom shelf, from left to right:

laliqueenvol_bornunicorn2011 limited edition: Envol bottle

laliquecascade_bornunicorn2010 limited editionCascade bottle

laliquejouretnuit_bornunicorn1999 limited editionJour et Nuit bottle

laliquelenu_bornunicorn1996 limited editionLe Nu bottle

laliquepapillon_bornunicorn2003 limited edition: Papillon bottle

laliquelesmuses_bornunicorn1994 limited edition: Les Muses bottle

laliquelibellule_bornunicorn2013 limited editionLibellule bottle

laliqueanemone_bornunicorn2016 limited editionAnémone bottle

laliquelesfees_bornunicorn2006 limited edition: Les Fées bottle

laliquecommedia_bornunicorn2007 limited editionCommedia bottle

laliqueperfumedelalique_bornunicorn2012 limited editionSillage bottle

laliquelessirenes_bornunicorn2001 limited edition: Les Sirenes bottle

laliquesheherezade_bornunicorn2008 limited edition: Sheherazade bottle

laliquesylphide_bornunicorn2000 limited editionSylphide bottle

laliquedeuxpaons_bornunicorn2014 limited editionDeux Paons bottle

laliqueamour_bornunicorn1997 limited edition: Amour bottle

Big Little Lies S01E07 (You Get What You Need)

Renata Klein (Laura Dern) is getting ready to go to the Audrey Hepburn- and Elvis-themed trivia night fundraiser. There are several Clinique products on her vanity. Interesting to notice, some of them have been discontinued.

There are two tubes of Long Last lipstick [1] and one of Different lipstick. Many products with aqua green case are no longer on the market: the City Base powder foundation is among them.

There’s also a small bottle of clarifying lotion.

[1] The Different lipstick are now in the silver tube, too, so the ones on Renata’s table could be the new version of the lipstick that once had the aqua green case.

Big Little Lies S01E07 (You Get What You Need)

BLL_107_Madeline.0Madeline Mackenzie (Reese Witherspoon) is getting ready for the Audrey Hepburn- and Elvis-themed trivia night fundraiser. On her dressing table there are several interesting products.

I’ve spotted Laura Mercier loose setting powder, a MAC lipstick and a Chanel one – a tube of Hydra Base in a peachy pink shade.

There is a bottle of MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation, too.

Thanks to Claudia Thorne for the ids.