American Horror Story S07E06 (Mid-Western Assassin)

When Ally takes Meadow (Leslie Grossman) to the Butchery on Main restaurant, the latter finally discloses the whole cult plot. Before starting the conversation, she takes a candle in a decorative tin from a table display and puts it in her bag. It’s the Persimmon & Copal candle from the Japonica collection by Voluspa. The displays includes candles (boxed and unboxed) from the Maison Noir collection … Continue reading American Horror Story S07E06 (Mid-Western Assassin)

Scream Queens S01E05 (Pumpkin Patch)

Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin) wants to convince Jennifer to vote Zayday as new president of the KKT Sorority House, so as to bring Chanel Oberlin down. She reveals one of Chanel’s luxurious habits (burning Diptyque candles once and then throwing them away), promises all those candles to Jennifer, who obviously freaks out, ready to vote whomever she is asked to. In Chanel’s closet there’s a number of … Continue reading Scream Queens S01E05 (Pumpkin Patch)