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Lupin S02E03 (Chapitre 8)

Juliette (Léa Bonneau) is sitting at her dressing table and is putting lipstick on.

The lipstick she’s using is Chanel Rouge Coco Shine.

When her father Hubert (Hervé Pierre) joins her to start a conversation, we can see there are some objects on the table.

First, a bottle of Guerlain Shalimar, the 1925 classic by Jacques Guerlain.

There are also a MAC jar (it could be Paint Pot cream eyeshadow or Fluidline gel eyeliner) and a Dior lip colour, possibly Dior Addict Lip Tattoo or Lip Maximizer.

Thank you to Alessandra for the screencaps and the Shalimar id.

Madame Claude (2021)

When Madame Claude (Karol Rocher) first meets Virginie (Liah O’Prey), she takes her into the office bathroom to teach her the general rules of personal hygiene.

On the washbasin there’s a Guerlain refillable atomiser of Shalimar.

Later, Madame is taking a bath in her own apartment. On a glass shelf above the washbasin there’s another atomiser of Shalimar, which means the classic fragrance by Guerlain is her signature scent.

Thanks to cedriceccentric for the id.

Arabesque (1966)

arabesque_bornunicorn (1)

arabesque_bornunicorn (2)

arabesque_bornunicorn (3)There are two Guerlain perfumes in the bedroom Yasmin has in Beshraavi’s mansion.

SHALIMAR08010 BASEAOne is the flacon chauve souris of Shalimar.

The other is a flacon bouchon coeur, but it’s hard to tell what perfume it contains, since the front sticker is not clearly visible.

I’m still thinking about the white ribbed bottle standing between the Guerlain perfumes. It looks familiar but all my researches have led nowhere so far. How frustrating!

Brigitte Bardot’s Dressing Table

This picture, taken in 1973, shows Bardot sitting at her dressing table. Most of the bottles on it are decorative, but there are some real flacons too.


guerlainvintagecolognenaturalspray_bornunicornOn the right there are two Guerlain bottles. The white container decorated with a blue floral pattern is the refillable atomiser of Shalimar, while the fluted one is the spray version of Shalimar eau de cologne. Behind them, the fan-like cap of the classic flacon chauve souris is visible, but it seems attached to a different bottle.

Mannequin (1987)

mannequin_bornunicorn (1)



jeancharles-brosseau_ombrerose_bornunicornWhen Jonathan (Andrew McCarthy) first spots his creation, the mannequin Emmy, in the window of the department store Prince and Co., she’s surrounded by factice bottles of perfumes. Among them, there are Guerlain Shalimar, Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt and Jean-Charles Brosseau Ombre Rose.

The French Line (1953)

Mame Carson (Jane Russell) is a millionairess with an oil empire and an unlucky love life. In the first part of the film she’s still engaged, though, and in the first musical act she’s getting ready to meet his fiancé. She likes wearing working clothes but her boudoir shows her love for furry rugs, velvet and satin furniture and perfumes! There’s an impressive display of bottles on her vanity.

The first bottle which appears in this scene is in the bathroom, where Mame’s maid, Clare (Theresa Harris) is spraying some fragrance.

On a marble counter behind Clare there’s a Guerlain flacon montre of Shalimar (see the orange red disk).

Mame takes a bubble bath, then gets changed behind the vanity mirror.

Starting from left bottom I’ve spotted a flacon quadrilobe by Guerlain, Lucien Lelong Sirocco and Bourjois Mais Oui.

On the second shelf there are Guerlain Shalimar in the flacon chauve souris and another Guerlain fragrance in the flacon bouchon coeur.

On the top shelf there are two unknown bottles, while the one in the middle is Guerlain Sous le Vent in the beautiful flacon tonnelet.

Last, there’s the unique pyramid-shape bottle of Lucien Lelong Opening Night on a shelf on the left.

Cargo (2017)


guerlainshalimaredt_jadejagger_bornunicornWhat perfume would survive a zombie apocalypse? In case you were wondering, wonder no more: Guerlain Shalimar is the answer! At least that’s what happens in Cargo, a zombie survival film set in Australia, currently shown on Netflix. The Jade Jagger-designed bottle of eau de toilette [1] appears several times, and we soon learn why. The protagonist, Andy (Martin Freeman), first take it out of his backpack and sprays some fragrance in the air.

cargo_bornunicorn (7)He smells his own hand.

cargo_bornunicorn (6)And in one line explains why he’s carrying it in his survival kit. He tells his baby daughter Rosie that he “can smell Mommy.” Shalimar literally stands for someone who is no more.

cargo_bornunicorn (5)Later, when Andy and Rosie meet Lorraine (Caren Pistorius), the bottle pops up again.

cargo_bornunicorn (4)The perfume calms Rosie down: it’s her Linus’ security blanket.

cargo_bornunicorn (2)Finally, the bottle can be seen in the hands of Thoomi (Simone Landers), the girl whom Andy and Rosie end up travelling with. She sprays some perfume while alone: she wants to smell the fragrance which seems to have such an importance for father and daughter.

cargo_bornunicorn (1)We last see Shalimar again in the hands of Thoomi. This is a very beautiful and touching scene (no spoilers!): the sprays of perfume here are like a caress, a chance for closure, a sweet goodbye.

Now let’s see why Shalimar – and not another perfume – was given this function in the film. Yolanda Ramke, co-director of Cargo, when asked about it at a Q&A session on Reddit, explained:

It wasn’t scripted as being Shalimar but it was a member of our art department who wrangled out that arrangement, and the reason why it worked out was that the guy who ‘founded’ that perfume, his wife had passed away and he read our script and he realized that the story was about a man honouring his wife with this perfume – and so he allowed us to use it because of that component of the story.

Lots of interesting information here. The “founder” Ramke is referring to is Jean-Paul Guerlain, who worked as master perfumer until 2002; the script is very emotional, so I’m glad the last perfumer of the Guerlain dinasty appreciated the intensity of the family bonds depicted in it. Plus, it’s important to notice how Shalimar was created as a homage to another tragic love story [2]: it’s named after the Shalimar Gardens near Lahore, a symbol of the love between the emperor Shãh Jahãn and the favourite member of his harem, Mumtaz Mahal. When she died of childbirth, the emperor built the Taj Mahal in her memory.

[1] I think it’s the eau de toilette, because the eau de parfum is almost golden in colour, while this one looks definitely lighter in the bottle.

[2] You can read a thorough history of Shalimar on Monsieur Guerlain’s website.

Id source.

Death on the Nile (1978)

deathonthenile_bornunicorn.pngLinnet Ridgeway’s bedroom/boudoir is lavishly furnished in white and decorated with colorful glass, mirrors and marble. Several French perfumes are sitting on her vanity, a natural extension of her flawless style.


lanvinmysin_bornunicornThe first bottle that has caught my attention is the Lanvin boule on the left. It’s unclear what perfume it contained, because the French maison used the same bottle for two different perfumes, Arpege (created by Andre Fraysse in 1927) and My Sin (called Mon Péché in French, created by the mysterious Madame Zed in 1924). The film is set in the 1930s, so it’s plausible for both to sit on that vanity.

lanvinarpegetalc_bornunicornThe same thing can be said for the black bottle on the right, containing Lanvin talcum powder. It could be Arpege or My Sin.

shalimarvintagead_bornunicornThe Guerlain chauve souris bottle unmistakably contained Shalimar, created by Jacques Guerlain in 1925.

guerlainliu_bornunicornGuerlain Liu black flacon tabatiere with gold accents is in tune with the Art Deco vibe in Linnet’s bedroom. The perfume was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1929.

Thanks to Karen Hatch for the id.