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The Apartment (1960)

A very ordinary object – a compact – has got a relevant role in this movie. It belongs to Fran, a charming elevator operator who works at an insurance company where she has got an affair with the influential personnel director Jeff Sheldrake. This object reveals the affair to C.C. Baxter, a lonely bachelor who works at the same company.

It may be ordinary, but it has some peculiarities, for example the fleurs de lys decorations on it.

This is a compact by Volupte, an American brand established in the 1920s. The same shape of the compact and the position of the decorative elements can be seen in a mother-of-pearl version, but the one seen in the film is made of metal.

Another interesting detail is the powder puff inside the compact.

The upper side of the puff reads “Lushus”, an American brand producing deep-pile powder puffs.

Demolition (2015)

Davis has a very busy working life and a very strict daily routine which includes beauty treatments. So it’s not surprising to see many toiletries in his bathroom. D. R. Harris Arlington mahogany shaving bowl is one of them.

On the washbasin counter there are more beauty items:

Sensodyne Original Flavor toothpaste

Tweezerman slanted tweezers in Midnight Sky Black

Pecksniff’s Almond & Shea moisturising hand and body lotion and nourishing hand wash in a metal rack

Baxter of California invigorating body wash in Flora and Cassis

The High Note (2020)

Maggie (Dakota Johnson) is holding Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000.

In the cabinet there are some toiletries (from top left to bottom right)

Vaseline Men Extra Strenght body lotion

Degree Men Extreme DrySpray antiperspirant deodorant

Noxzema Ultimate Clear anti-blemish pads

Screencap and Degree deodorant id source.

Thanks to Emily for the other ids.

River of Grass (1994)

clinique_7thdayscrubcream_bornunicorn.jpgIn Cozy’s bathroom there are a can of Aquanet unscented super-hold hairspray and a jar of Clinique 7th-day scrub cream.

The jar with pink cap is a Christian Dior skincare product, probably the Hydra-Star moisturizer or a cream from the original Capture line. The two jars between the hairspray and the scrub are – I’m pretty sure – Estee Lauder products.

She uses a Maybelline eyelash curler.


Gloria Bell (2018)


foreolunamini2_bornunicornWhile Gloria (Julianne Moore) is doing the laundry in the washbasin, we can see some products she has in her bathroom. There’s the facial massager Foreo Luna Mini 2 in Mint.

haskmonoicoconutdryshampoo_bornunicornThere are also three haircare products by Hask. The tall peach spray can is Monoi Coconut dry shampoo.

haskkeratinproteinspray_bornunicornThere’s Keratin Protein flash blow-dry spray.

haskhawaiianseasaltspray_bornunicornAnd Hawaiian Sea Salt Makin’ Waves texture spray.

Molly’s Game (2017)

molly's game_bornunicorn (3)There are many beauty products and make-up items on Molly Bloom’s bathroom counter. Among them (from left to right):

elizabetharden_refiningtonerlotion_bornunicornElizabeth Arden refining toner lotion (now discontinued)

nuxe_huileprodigieuseseche_bornunicornNuxe Huile Prodigieuse multi-purpose dry oil


A Mason Pearson hair brush

chanel_nailpolishes_bornunicornSome Chanel nail polishes

chanelbodycream_bornunicornChanel fresh body cream

lancometoniquedouceur_bornunicornLancôme Tonique Douceur hydrating lotion

pecksniffs_almondandsheahandduo_bornunicornThe Almond & Shea hand care duo by Pecksniffs, which includes a moisturising hand & body lotion and a nourishing hand wash in pump bottles.

Freak Show (2017)

freakshow_bornunicorn (1)Billy Bloom’s vanity is pretty busy with cosmetics and accessories. In the screencap above, the face powder situation is out of control: it’s basically everywhere on the table.

velourlashes_bornunicornThe center-stage position goes to a pink box contaning Velour lashes.


milanilipstick_bornunicorn.jpgThere are also a MAC hot pink lipstick and a Milani pink lipstick.

freakshow_bornunicorn (2)

lorealvisibleliftblush_bornunicornThe round compact on the upper left is L’Oreal Visible Lift blush.


mac_singleeyeshadow_bornunicornOn the table there are some MAC Pro palette refill pans in their black envelopes and a single eyeshadow.

avonmesmerize_bornunicorn.jpgThe perfume in the blue bottle is Avon Mesmerize For Her, a woody aromatic fragrance launched in 1992. Billy uses it all through the film.