Gloria Bell (2018)

While Gloria (Julianne Moore) is doing the laundry in the washbasin, we can see some products she has in her bathroom. There’s the facial massager Foreo Luna Mini 2 in Mint. There are also three haircare products by Hask. The tall peach spray can is Monoi Coconut dry shampoo. There’s Keratin Protein flash blow-dry spray. And Hawaiian Sea Salt Makin’ Waves texture spray. Continue reading Gloria Bell (2018)

A Single Man (2009)

While Charlotte (Julianne Moore) is applying eye-liner, we can get a glimpse of her dressing table. There are two versions of Estee Lauder Youth Dew, the perfume created by Josephine Catapano in 1953: the aqua blue spray bottle contains the eau de parfum, while the glass bottle contains the cologne. The other three products are from Tom Ford x Estee Lauder Azurée Soleil collection, launched in … Continue reading A Single Man (2009)

Maps to the Stars (2014)

Havana Segrand (Julianne Moore) has got quite a perfume collection: the marble top of her dressing table is pretty busy. On the left, there’s a bottle of Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey, the perfume “as clear as water spring” created by Jacques Cavallier in 1992. There’s another perfume by Cavallier, the iconic corset-shaped bottle of Jean-Paul Gaultier Classique, a sweet powdery scent launched in 1993. Two … Continue reading Maps to the Stars (2014)

Still Alice (2014)

There are several skincare products in Alice Howland’s bathroom cabinet. On the top shelf I’ve spotted a Mario Badescu face cream. The front label cannot be read, so it’s impossible to tell what cream it is. On the bottom shelf there are a Mario Badescu moisturizer (it could be the A.H.A. & ceramide one), Kérastase Homme Capital Force shampoo and ultra-fixing densifying gel, La Mer moisturizing … Continue reading Still Alice (2014)

Behind the Scenes of the 87th Academy Awards: Julianne Moore

The 87th Academy Awards have surely been a feast for the eyes of fashion lovers all around the world. During the red carpet and the ceremony, Internet was flooded with pictures and comments published in real time, but most of the times what happened behind the scenes was more interesting than what everybody got to see on tv. Thank God for Instagram, where stylists, manicurists, … Continue reading Behind the Scenes of the 87th Academy Awards: Julianne Moore