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A Single Man (2009)

asingleman_bornunicornWhile Charlotte (Julianne Moore) is applying eye-liner, we can get a glimpse of her dressing table.

esteelauder_youthdewcolognesplash_bornunicornThere are two versions of Estee Lauder Youth Dew, the perfume created by Josephine Catapano in 1953: the aqua blue spray bottle contains the eau de parfum, while the glass bottle contains the cologne.

tomfordesteelauderazureesoileilfaceglow_bornunicorntomfordesteelauderazureesoleilcompact_bornunicornThe other three products are from Tom Ford x Estee Lauder Azurée Soleil collection, launched in 2006: they are the Face Glow (in the tall bottle with fluted stopper), the Sunbronzer mirror compact and the Cheek Glow stick.

A Single Man (2009)

tumblr_n0yoq8uvyv1sm54eyo1_1280There’s a Guerlain flacon montre with glass stopper on Charley’s bed-side table. The central disk of the label is not visible, so it’s hard to tell what perfume it contained. It’s dark, though, so we can make some assumptions.

guerlainodecologne_bornunicornIt could be Ode, with the purple disk.

guerlainvoldenuitcologne_vintage_bornunicornOr Vol de Nuit, with the navy blue disk.

guerlain_jickycologne_bornunicornIt could also be Jicky, with the burgundy disk.

guerlainliucologne_vintage_bornunicornOr Liu, with the black disk.

guerlainmitsoukocologne_bornunicornOr even Mitsouko, with the emerald green disk.

Which Guerlain cologne do you think could suit the character? I would see her wearing Jicky, with its fresh spicy notes, or Liu, with its beautiful opening of aldehydes and bergamot.


Róisín Murphy’s Exploitation (2015)



You know I usually don’t cover music videos, but this sighting is too juicy not to be covered. Róisín Murphy has been one of my favourite singers since she was the frontwoman of Moloko. She started her solo career in 2005 and she’s about to release her fifth album, Hairless Toys. The first music video (and single) from the new album is Exploitation, which she wrote and directed. The Irish singer plays the role of a neurotic actress who sports a 1980s-inspired look. In one scene set in a dressing room, she’s barely able to apply her lipstick, which happens to be Tom Ford Lip Color Shine in Willful.