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Madonna’s Material Girl (1985)


guerlainvintagecolognenaturalspray_bornunicornThere are toiletries and perfume bottles on the protagonist’s dressing table. Some of them are generic vanity bottles, but we can give a name to others. The tall ribbed bottle with gold cap, for example, is the Guerlain natural spray cologne bottle, used for different fragrances from 1964 to 1977.

chanelno5eaudeparfumspray-e1517915804752.pngThe black bottle with gold accent, on the other hand, is by Chanel. Let me spend a couple of words on this. When I first saw it, I thought it was the spray bottle of No. 5 eau de parfum (the dip tube is showing). Later, I had second thoughts: was this bottle on the market in the 1980s? Plus, is the dip tube really showing? The picture is not that clear.

chanelno5eaudetoiletterefillable_bornunicornAs an alternative, it could be the refillable spray canister of No. 5 eau de toilette, available in 1980 (I’ve spotted it in Stardust Memories by Woody Allen).

Screencap source.

Thanks to Annette Flaconnage for the id.

Carroll Baker’s Dressing Table (1960s)

carrollbaker_bornunicornItalian photographer Pierluigi Praturlon portrayed actress Carrol Baker in the 1960s.

vintage-guerlain-shalimar-eau-de-cologne-splash-1-7-oz-new-rope-sealed-7cc19a1fb031c4c8f019950e9bc5749a (1)

balmain_joliemadame_bornunicornOn her dressing table two perfumes can be seen: one is a Guerlain cologne in the trademark glass flacon montre, the other is a Balmain perfume. It’s impossible to read the front label: it could be Vent Vert, but I think it’s Jolie Madame.

Thanks to Barbara Herman for the Balmain id.

Picture source.

A Single Man (2009)

tumblr_n0yoq8uvyv1sm54eyo1_1280There’s a Guerlain flacon montre with glass stopper on Charley’s bed-side table. The central disk of the label is not visible, so it’s hard to tell what perfume it contained. It’s dark, though, so we can make some assumptions.

guerlainodecologne_bornunicornIt could be Ode, with the purple disk.

guerlainvoldenuitcologne_vintage_bornunicornOr Vol de Nuit, with the navy blue disk.

guerlain_jickycologne_bornunicornIt could also be Jicky, with the burgundy disk.

guerlainliucologne_vintage_bornunicornOr Liu, with the black disk.

guerlainmitsoukocologne_bornunicornOr even Mitsouko, with the emerald green disk.

Which Guerlain cologne do you think could suit the character? I would see her wearing Jicky, with its fresh spicy notes, or Liu, with its beautiful opening of aldehydes and bergamot.