Material Girl (1985)

There are toiletries and perfume bottles on the protagonist’s dressing table. Some of them are generic vanity bottles, but we can give a name to others. The tall ribbed bottle with gold cap, for example, is the Guerlain natural spray cologne bottle, used for different fragrances from 1964 to 1977. The black bottle with gold accent, on the other hand, is by Chanel. Let me … Continue reading Material Girl (1985)

Carroll Baker’s Dressing Table

Italian photographer Pierluigi Praturlon portrayed actress Carrol Baker in the 1960s. On her dressing table two perfumes can be seen: one is a Guerlain cologne in the trademark glass flacon montre, the other is a Balmain perfume. It’s impossible to read the front label: it could be Vent Vert, but I think it’s Jolie Madame. Thanks to Barbara Herman for the Balmain id. Picture source. Continue reading Carroll Baker’s Dressing Table