Raising Hell (2019)

The latest Kesha video is a fun one. The American singer plays a televangelist à la Dolly Parton, who’s unfortunately trapped into an abusive marriage with a horrible husband who doesn’t care about her and beats her up all the time. But she’ll soon know how to take her revenge on him. In the video, directed by Luke Gilford, there are two interesting scenes featuring … Continue reading Raising Hell (2019)

Lying with You (2017)

The latest music video by Charlotte Gainsbourg – Lying with You, from the album Rest – turns out to be an unexpected perfume lover mecca. Directed by Gainsbourg herself, it’s set in the apartment at 5 bis Rue de Verneuil (Paris) where her father, Serge Gainsbourg, lived. Soon to become a museum, it’s filled with objects that the French artist used and loved; among them, a … Continue reading Lying with You (2017)

Exploitation (2015)

  You know I usually don’t cover music videos, but this sighting is too juicy not to be covered. Róisín Murphy has been one of my favourite singers since she was the frontwoman of Moloko. She started her solo career in 2005 and she’s about to release her fifth album, Hairless Toys. The first music video (and single) from the new album is Exploitation, which she wrote … Continue reading Exploitation (2015)

7/11 (2014)

I usually don’t cover music videos, but today I want to make an exception to the rule. A new Beyoncé video has just been released: 7/11 introduces the upcoming Beyonce: Platinum Edition box set. It’s a departure from the elaborate and dramatic videos of the American artist, which makes it even fresher and funnier. It looks like an amateur video; the impression is that Beyoncé wants … Continue reading 7/11 (2014)