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7/11 (2014)



I usually don’t cover music videos, but today I want to make an exception to the rule. A new Beyoncé video has just been released: 7/11 introduces the upcoming Beyonce: Platinum Edition box set. It’s a departure from the elaborate and dramatic videos of the American artist, which makes it even fresher and funnier. It looks like an amateur video; the impression is that Beyoncé wants us to see what her real life looks like. Everything seems plausible, casual and natural, in particular the setting (her house), but we can imagine that nothing has been left to chance. My favourite scenes are set in her magnificent bathroom: there’s a table covered in make-up products on one side and marble basins on the other side of the room. I’d love to identify all the items appearing in these scenes, but I’ve been able to id just a few – lots of MAC brushes, a bottle of Lubriderm moisture lotion and a golden can of L’Oreal Elnett Satin hairspray.

The song too is a departure from Beyoncé’s traditional repertoire. I probably prefer her old songs, but I enjoy artists who experiment with their music.