7/11 (2014)



I usually don’t cover music videos, but today I want to make an exception to the rule. A new Beyoncé video has just been released: 7/11 introduces the upcoming Beyonce: Platinum Edition box set. It’s a departure from the elaborate and dramatic videos of the American artist, which makes it even fresher and funnier. It looks like an amateur video; the impression is that Beyoncé wants us to see what her real life looks like. Everything seems plausible, casual and natural, in particular the setting (her house), but we can imagine that nothing has been left to chance. My favourite scenes are set in her magnificent bathroom: there’s a table covered in make-up products on one side and marble basins on the other side of the room. I’d love to identify all the items appearing in these scenes, but I’ve been able to id just a few – lots of MAC brushes, a bottle of Lubriderm moisture lotion and a golden can of L’Oreal Elnett Satin hairspray.

The song too is a departure from Beyoncé’s traditional repertoire. I probably prefer her old songs, but I enjoy artists who experiment with their music.

9 thoughts on “7/11 (2014)”

    1. Whoa! Why so much hate? I’m not a fan of Beyoncé, but I respect her as an artist. I think all artists/celebrities are extremely self-centred and she’s no exception. Moreover, I usually tend not to be interested in their private lives. Is she really a horrible person? As long as she doesn’t act illegally, who cares?

      1. I care, and you should too, you should look into all her plagiarism suits and how she demands writing credit in every song just for royalties when in fact she hasn’t written any of it. And why is she a role model? She bleaches her skin and everyday looks whiter and blonder. It’s not hate, she’s just a bad person and a bad artist too.

  1. I don’t think she’s a role model at all, at least not for me. I don’t like how she’s been recently basking on the whole “feminist” concept, which in her case is probably just another way to ride the wave. Does she bleach her skin? It’s her loss. Is earning money and fame her only goal? She’s human like the rest of us: she won’t need them when she dies. As for the plagiarism suits, do you think she’s too powerful to be punished for those? Unfortunately that’s the state of contemporary mainstream pop music (see Lady GaGa…).

    1. She does bleach her skin, well I don’t know if she has been sued but it’s very well known, just like her performances which are hailed as creative, she literally plagiarized them from an italian pop artist, she’s a fraud. And as far as being self-centered, I guess all artists are but look at Madonna for instance, the music videos, the performances, there are always about SOMETHING, a message, Beyonce is only about “I’m so fabulous” that’s all her videos, she is haughty and self-obsessed, and not fabulous at all, given her antics. Just look how she truncated the careers of Michelle and Kelly just so that her solo career took off.

      1. Taking Madonna as example is just wrong. She and her career can’t be compared to ANYONE in contemporary pop music, let alone Beyoncé. She has always had a message to give, as you said, but the same can’t be said for Beyoncé and for most of nowadays artists. I perfectly know what you’re referring to, because I had already known the performance by Lorella Cuccarini (I’m Italian) when Beyoncé made it her own. I’m sorry she hasn’t been sued, because that was an example of blatant plagiarism, and I think it was not the only one. The same can be said for Rihanna, Lady GaGa (Born This Way as Express Yourself, remember?) and so on. Why haven’t they been sued? Mind you, Madonna has taken heavy inspiration from artists, too (remember the Guy Bourdin references in “Hollywood” music video), so I guess stealing from others is a common impulse in the world of pop. As for the careers of Michelle and Kelly, c’mon, did you really think Destiny’s Child was here to stay? She always was the boss in the band. Is it right? Is it wrong? That’s business, I guess. Does this make her a horrible human being? Probably yes. Has this made her hugely popular? Definitely yes. That’s it. She’s not the first and she won’t be the last to take advantage of a band to build her own solo career: remember what happened to the Supremes, Diana Ross and Florence Ballard.

  2. Yes I know what happened to the Supremes, it was still rotten. The Hollywood video is inexcusable in my opinion, but Madonna still has a great career. Why can’t Beyonce be compared to Madonna when all Beyonce wants is to be Madonna?? Just look at this never ending plagiarism: http://www.boyculture.com/.a/6a00d8341c2ca253ef019b02ce933b970d-550wi

    Every single woman in pop music wants to be Madonna. That is not feminism, that is sad. And I feel sad for Madonna because I don’t think she went to the trenches just so that someone like Beyonce can plagiarize her and then have the public hand over credit and glory that belongs to Madonna on a silver platter to Beyonce, which is what everyone is doing. And Beyonce is such a horrible person really, she said on a speech that she saw Madonna and her goal was to have an empire like Madonna. That’s her goal? Ok, build an empire, but for what? Beyonce has all of the psychopathic narcissism and ambition the worst type of people have yet none of the talent and social commentary that Madonna has or had. Madonna’s ambition was to be an artist, Beyonce´s ambitions are far more insidious and she’s sick, she has like a me vault on her apartment, that’s just sick.

    1. I know that every single woman in pop would like to be Madonna, but that is simply not possible for a million reasons. Lots have tried/are still trying but what they come up with is still a pale imitation of what she’s already done, most of the times. I honestly don’t care if Beyoncé is obsessed with her own ambitions and desire to be the most famous singer of all times. In my book of music she’s barely relevant.

      1. I don’t care about her either, but in the last two years or so she’s been rammed down everyone’s throats and is now this huge icon, well based on what? Just another fake plagiarist, and not a good role model, specially not for black women in my opinion.

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