Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

There are two Revlon red nail polishes on the small shelf in front of the mirror on Holly Golightly’s dressing table.

On the table there’s a giant flacon bouchon coeur by Guerlain; there’s no label on it, so it’s impossible to know what perfume it contains.

The small bottle with white stopper is Desert Flower, a Shulton perfume launched in 1947.


The black tall bottle is a René Lalique creation housing D’Orsay Mystère, a chypre fragrance launched in 1915.





On the right side of the table there are four Lucien Lelong perfumes. The small bottle is Balalaika, launched in 1939; the tall bottle behind it is Sirocco, launched in 1934; the bottle with the bow-shaped stopper is Jabot, launched in 1939; the bottle in the blue box is Opening Night, launched in 1935.

Screencap source.

Thanks to Phyl D for the Shulton id and to Alessandro for the D’Orsay id.

8 thoughts on “Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)”

      1. Hi,
        I have other suggestions for you. I think the perfume in the middle of the table is Magie by Lancôme. The perfume with a turquoise stopper is maybe Les Pois de Senteur de chez Moi by Caron and next to the mirror, there is a perfume with a light blue stopper, which is perhaps Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden
        Thank you for your reply and I love your work

  1. Hi. Thank you. Very nice blog yours.
    In that picture there is also a bottle of Mystère by D’Orsay. The tolat black one with parallelepiped also black stopper.
    Thank you

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