Pose S01E02 (Access)

When Elektra Abundance (Dominique Jackson) visits the nail salon where Blanca (MJ Rodriguez) works, it’s clear she’s not interested in getting a manicure. She asks for a top coat on her already done nails, and she soon points out her likes and dislikes. She likes Revlon and Max Factor nail polishes. In the adverts above (both from 1987), you can see the design these brands … Continue reading Pose S01E02 (Access)

How to Get Away with Murder S05E13 (Where Are Your Parents?)

There are several make-up products and tools on Michaela’s dresser. Among them there are Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Let It Loose hairspray, a Black Radiance Artisan Color baked blush and a foam applicator brush by EcoTools. There are also a bottle of Smashbox Studio Skin liquid foundation, a tube of Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain lip colour and a bottle of Essie nail polish. Thanks to Jessica … Continue reading How to Get Away with Murder S05E13 (Where Are Your Parents?)

Riverdale S01E06 (Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!)

Josie (Ashleigh Murray) and Valerie (Hayley Law) have a conversation about their future as a band before performing at a school show. On Josie’s dressing table there are two nail polish bottles: the pink one is by Kleancolor. We are given an excellent shot of the mascara she’s using: it’s So Lashy! Blast Pro by Covergirl. Continue reading Riverdale S01E06 (Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!)