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Claws S01E03 (Quicksand)

Among the products on the shelves at the Nail Artisan salon, there is a jar of LA Palm ice cooling sea gel with aloe. There are several Barielle products, too: many jars of intensive hand treatment cream, for example. There are some boxes of cuticle conditioning oil with almond oil... ... and some boxes of… Continue reading Claws S01E03 (Quicksand)

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Claws S01E01 (Tirana)

Lots of Orly products can be seen at theĀ NailĀ Artisan salon of Manatee County; among them, some boxes of Bonder rubberized base coat. There's an Orly LED UV lamp, too. Some Essie nail polishes in red shades are displayed on the wall and one, in a rusty red shade, can be seen on Jen's table.