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Claws S01E08 (Teatro)

claws_s01e08_bornunicorn (1)claws_s01e08_bornunicorn (2)The plot of this tv show takes a possible darker turn when Riva’s sons – Russian gangsters – are accused of being Roller’s killers. Riva (Andrea Sooch) has been Desna’s client for a while, so she tries to sort things out. How? By getting a manicure!

giorgioarmani_teatronailpolish_bornunicornThe nail polish that catches her attention and that is the title of the episode is Teatro, from Giorgio Armani High Shine nail lacquer collection.

Claws S01E01 (Tirana)

claws_s01e01_bornunicorn (5)

A bottle of Salvador Dalì parfum de toilette can be seen on Desna’s dresser. Now this is an unusual choice: this perfume, created in 1985 by Alberto Morillas, is a classic 1980s scent, not the first perfume that comes to my mind when I think of a flamboyant character like Desna. According to Fragrantica, it’s “very intensive and unusual thanks to the spicy-grassy top notes contrasting with the opulent floral perfume heart:” it sounds alluring, right?

The bottle, reproducing a woman’s mouth and nose (the cap), was designed by the Spanish artist.

vaselinecocoaradiant_bornunicornOn her dresser there’s also a bottle of Vaseline Cocoa Radiant body lotion.

Thanks to Jennifer for the lotion id.

Claws S01E06 (Self-Portrait)

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opi_pinkshades_bornunicornDesna and her crew take part into Palm Nails, a nail art competition. Their opponents are the techs from Glint Nails, the salon that Desna has just bought. For the last challenge of the competition the best artists of the two teams must create a manicure which best expresses themselves. April Kim (Linda Park) opts for a baby pink 3D look. A Kleancolor nail polish (possibly in Aurora) and an OPI pale pink shade can be seen on her table.

claws_s01e06_bornunicorn (4)

tomfordafricanvioletnailpolish_bornunicornOn the same table, we can also see a bottle of Tom Ford African Violet nail polish.

claws_s01e06_bornunicorn (2)opi_topcoat_basecoatOn the other hand, Desna finishes her manicure with OPI top coat.

Claws S01E03 (Quicksand)

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Among the products on the shelves at the Nail Artisan salon, there is a jar of LA Palm ice cooling sea gel with aloe.

barielle_intensivehandcream_bornunicornThere are several Barielle products, too: many jars of intensive hand treatment cream, for example.

barielle_cuticleoil_bornunicornThere are some boxes of cuticle conditioning oil with almond oil…

barielle_progrowthbasecoat_bornunicorn… and some boxes of pro-growth base coat with bamboo.

claws_s01e03_bornunicorn (2)


Last but not least, two bottles of organic massage lotion with spearmint and eucalyptus by LA Palm.