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Claws S01E08 (Teatro)

The plot of this tv show takes a possible darker turn when Riva's sons - Russian gangsters - are accused of being Roller's killers. Riva (Andrea Sooch) has been Desna's client for a while, so she tries to sort things out. How? By getting a manicure! The nail polish that catches her attention and that… Continue reading Claws S01E08 (Teatro)

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Claws S01E01 (Tirana)

A bottle of Salvador Dalì parfum de toilette can be seen on Desna's dresser. Now this is an unusual choice: this perfume, created in 1985 by Alberto Morillas, is a classic 1980s scent, not the first perfume that comes to my mind when I think of a flamboyant character like Desna. According to Fragrantica, it's… Continue reading Claws S01E01 (Tirana)