nail polish in tv shows

Claws S02E02 (Cracker Casserole)

Desna (Niecy Nash), Polly (Carrie Preston) and Brenda (Lusia Strus) are discussing the making of a commercial for Dr. Ken's pain clinic. A display of Orly Velvet Dream collection (released in fall 2017) can be seen behind them. While Brenda is leaving the nail salon, more Orly nail polishes can be seen on one of… Continue reading Claws S02E02 (Cracker Casserole)

nail polish in tv shows

Claws S01E08 (Teatro)

The plot of this tv show takes a possible darker turn when Riva's sons - Russian gangsters - are accused of being Roller's killers. Riva (Andrea Sooch) has been Desna's client for a while, so she tries to sort things out. How? By getting a manicure! The nail polish that catches her attention and that… Continue reading Claws S01E08 (Teatro)

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Claws S01E01 (Tirana)

A bottle of Salvador Dalì parfum de toilette can be seen on Desna's dresser. Now this is an unusual choice: this perfume, created in 1985 by Alberto Morillas, is a classic 1980s scent, not the first perfume that comes to my mind when I think of a flamboyant character like Desna. According to Fragrantica, it's… Continue reading Claws S01E01 (Tirana)