Six Beauty Products From the Past

10603504_10204110043967975_726433610885125070_nIf you follow my Facebook page, you know that I sometimes post pictures of beauty products from friends and fellow beauty addicts. I don’t post them here because the topic is not strictly cinema, tv or literature-related, but this time I’ve made an exception to the rule because this is a very special entry.

I received the picture above from Zelda, a fellow Erno Laszlo and vintage beauty fan. These are her favourite vintage products that have been discontinued or reformulated to be very different from their original formula. All the products are from 1980s – 90s. All the comments are Zelda’s.

– Vidal Sassoon shampoo: the nicest smelling shampoo ever and SLS free.

– Estee Lauder Almond Clay pack – one of her original products, a great deep cleansing mask that was available from the 1950s till the 1990s.

– Helena Rubinstein Bio Clear lotion – great for treating the occasional breakout. This was when Rubinstein was still a serious classy line before L’Oreal bought it and virtually killed it off in favour of Lancôme.

– Erno Laszlo Sea Mud soap – original bar from 1990s in original case. This was when it still was a slightly mystical product with legendary effects. It didn’t contain charcoal powder in those days.

– Erno Laszlo Sea Mud mask from the late 1990s, now sadly discontinued. It was great for an at home facial and literally pulled the dirt out of pores. Much missed.

– Givenchy III eau de toilette – original formula. Immensely popular in the 1970s – striking green mossy chypre. Great on a man or a woman. Due to scarcity of oakmoss it’s been reformulated and is a pale shadow of its former self…..

Loving a beauty product or a perfume and witnessing its death because it’s been discontinued or reformulated is hard to stand. Are there any beauty products are gone this way and that you miss?

12 thoughts on “Six Beauty Products From the Past”

  1. i remember the almond fragrance of the vidal Sassoon shampoos! and bio clear did a peel off mask with an enormous brush that would have given germophobes a nightmare!! and I would sell a kidney for the original erno Laszlo soap box!! I wish that Silvikrin Hair Tonic was still available. A gorgeous product.

  2. I used to work for Estee Lauder in burdines Hollywood Florida. I miss the smell and feel Estee lauder’s almond clay pack. I would give anything to get my hands on some. The smell, it was actually yummy. It worked really well too. Oh the good ol Days!

    1. Oh wow! You must have lots of awesome memories from that time. I’ve never tried the almond clay pack myself but it sounds like one of those mythical products that I would really love to try, at least once! Thanks for your comment ♥

    2. In the DVD Mrs Lauder mentions her face-mask which actually `lifts’ the skin. It must have been her original Rose Mask which has also been discontinued. However, if we look at the new masks, we can only imagine that the formulas have been re-hashed and modernised with the latest hi-tech ingredients, rendering a superior product worth trying.

  3. i miss the products I use when I was a teenager, they call bio clear of Helena Rubenstein, and they was especially for that age/

  4. Hi guys
    Glad you are enjoying my photo (and the memories!)
    Helena Rubinstein was an amazing brand before L’Oréal bought it in the early 1990s and Bio Clear was an incredible range. I used as a teen and the sebum plugs (ew!!) would just fall out of your pores! No squeezing or rubbing needed.
    Erno Laszlo is now a pale shadow of its former self and is in fact focussed solely on the Far Eastern market with sheet masks, whitening cremes etc. The original products were legendary and seen as the Rolls Royce of Skincare between the 1960s – 1980s. I actually used some of the sea mud mask today. Its getting a bit thick but works great still. The soap remains unused as you cant get this original formula anymore.
    The Lauder mask is now very old – I managed to get 2 tubes and only use one. The closest product to it these days is Eve Lom rescue mask – pretty similar so you can get a good idea of what its like – basically a clay mask with scrubby almond pieces. I may have to buy some of the Eve Lom one so I don’t use up my precious Lauder vintage!

    1. The evolution of Erno Laszlo is a bit sad but I understand it, since it’s the same many beauty and perfume houses have gone through recently. The fact that the sea mud mask is still good is great news, though. Must try it.
      Re: Eve Lom. I’ve read extremely positive opinions about this skincare line. Very expensive, but if it works…

      1. Hi Unicorn!
        I understand the changes as well. The brand was, in comparison to say La Mer (which is huge globally n terms of $$$) underperforming. The trouble is that the rebrand (horrible new logo and packaging) and new products haven’t really solved this issue globally. They’ve gained a foothold in the massive Chinese market but at the expense of alienating many of their long term customers who can no longer find the products they have faithfully used for 30 or 40 years. I just think it was handled very badly. If you think of a perfume house like Creed, Caron or Chanel they know that some things are best left as they are.

        On a more positive note – Eve Lom. I think the brand was bought out / taken over by Space NK a few years ago so recently they have introduced a slew of new products, face washes, serums etc to try and make more money. But for years (maybe 15 years) the only products they had were the Cleanser (balm), rescue mask (the one similar to Lauder as mentioned above), a lip balm called kiss mix and a very heavy thick cream called TLC which smelled of rose otto. and maybe one other lighter cream? So basically 4 products.
        This is what attracted me to the range. In fact I used it in the late 90s before moving to Laszlo. The cleanser and rescue mask by Eve Lom are both “classics” in the skincare world for good reason. They do give out samples so maybe contact them?

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