Margherita’s Bathroom Shelf

You know I can’t resist a good bathroom selfie, i.e. a picture where beauty and make-up products appear. For this reason, this afternoon, while browsing Instagram, I found myself staring at the pic above, taken by Margherita in her bathroom. She’s a feminist who believes in the power of make-up, one of my favourite writers, co-founder of a gorgeous website and constant source of inspiration, so … Continue reading Margherita’s Bathroom Shelf

Zelda Di FooFoo’s Skincare Must-Haves

Remember the six beauty products from the past I wrote about last August? Well, Zelda is back! This time she sent me a picture of some of her favourite skincare products. As usual, all the comments are hers. (1) Perricone MD Photo Plasma – super light whipped cream spf30 with astaxanthin and its peach coloured. Morning time essential. (2) Biologique Recherche P50V – cult classic product but … Continue reading Zelda Di FooFoo’s Skincare Must-Haves

Mlle Ghoul’s Perfume Collection

Instagram is a wonderland for perfume lovers. I’m proud to be part of a small community there, kindred spirits who are an endless source of inspiration. One of my reference points when it comes to unconventional perfume choices is definitely “the weaver of the weird”, the one and only Mlle Ghoul. When she posted this picture on her account, I jumped on my chair and started … Continue reading Mlle Ghoul’s Perfume Collection

A Tale From the Past: Balenciaga Ho Hang

I’m a hopeless nostalgic and, as such, tend to cling to memories, olfactory ones included. Thank God I’m not the only one! Some weeks ago I had the chance to speak about this with Giorgia, who explained how her mother couldn’t replace her favourite perfume – Balenciaga Ho Hang. The starting point was the plague of reformulations, which are sometimes so drastic that they turn our … Continue reading A Tale From the Past: Balenciaga Ho Hang

Six Beauty Products From the Past

If you follow my Facebook page, you know that I sometimes post pictures of beauty products from friends and fellow beauty addicts. I don’t post them here because the topic is not strictly cinema, tv or literature-related, but this time I’ve made an exception to the rule because this is a very special entry. I received the picture above from Zelda, a fellow Erno Laszlo … Continue reading Six Beauty Products From the Past