The Crown S05E07 (No Woman’s Land)

I am disappointed by the selection of beauty products that the show’s prop masters have put on Lady D’s dressing table. In general, this vanity looks sad (which makes sense) and old (which really doesn’t). None of the products and perfumes she used has been featured here, not even Penhaligon’s Bluebell, one of her signature scents [1].

The lipstick in the gold case is by Clarins. It’s sitting on a round compact probably by Christian Dior.

The white box with a funky red pattern is an Avon nail polish. This was a weird decision: what is a product from the 1970s doing here? Did the prop masters know this was Lady Diana’s vanity? Or they believed it belonged to one of her old relatives?

There’s also Braun Independent cordless styler.

On the far right there’s a nice aqua box by Estee Lauder. Although probably not totally accurate, at least it seems plausible.

[1] This particular detail hurts the most. Why were other Penhaligon’s perfumes featured in Seasons 1 and 2 and not here, where one authentic touch was so much needed?

Thanks to Scentimentalist for the Braun, Clarins and Dior id.

6 thoughts on “The Crown S05E07 (No Woman’s Land)”

  1. Hmmm
    It does look more like it could have been the Queen mothers dressing table. I know for a fact that Princess Diana was an Erno Laszlo user – she sent her ladies in waiting to Harrods to buy it – so a couple of products would have been nice….

  2. Agreed. I thought this too. You’ve got an old Clarins lipstick there (gold tube) on top of something by Christian Dior (as was). They, at least, don’t look completely anachronistic.

  3. I think the cordless hair styler at the bottom is a nice touch, though. I think this may be a Braun Independent.

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