Saturday Night Fever (1977)

What would Tony Manero wear before dancing the night away at 2001 Odyssey? The screencap above gives us a couple of options, both by Fabergé.

The bottle with big gold stopper is Macho, an amber fougère fragrance launched in 1977. The “powerful new scent for men by Fabergé” seems to suit Manero’s bold and independent personality.

On the boy’s dresser there’s also a bottle of Vitalis Super Hold hairspray.

The second fragrance option is a classic – Fabergé Brut spray cologne housed in the signature tall bottle made of green glass. This aromatic fougère scent, created by Karl Mann, was first launched in 1964.

One thought on “Saturday Night Fever (1977)”

  1. Great post. I love the details I the room ( such as the Wonderwoman poster and Silver Convention album cover). I always felt that Tony was very much in touch with his feminine side despite the macho posturing… I imagine him 20 years later in 1997 balding, having a slight paunch, three kids, a bored housewife and a young drag queen boyfriend…. Fabergé was such a quintessentially 70s brand. My grandmother had some Kiku dusting powder in a round yellow container with faux bamboo handle that I used to smell as a kid in the 70s. Even now i love the smell of Brut ( on someone else ).

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