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Divines (2016)

Dounia buys some toiletries for her mother and herself.

The red bottle is Le Petit Marseillais Lait de Coton et Coquelicot (Cotton Milk and Poppy) shower cream.

The gold bottle is Revlon Natural Honey Argan Oil bath and shower gel.

There’s also Ushuaïa Polynésie Huile d’Amandier & Pétales de Néroli (almond oil and neroli petals) deodorant.

To the Stars (2019)

tothestars_bornunicorn (2)

Soon after Iris (Kara Hayward) meets the newcomer Maggie (Liana Liberato), they become friends. Maggie decides to give Iris a makeover, so they go shopping for cosmetics. The beauty counter at the department store they go to displays make-up and skincare products.

Cashmere Bouquet 1950 1950s USA makeup make-up face powder puffs applying

On the far left in the screencap above there’s a cardboard table display containing several tin boxes of Palmolive Cashmere Bouquet face powder.

tothestars_bornunicorn (1)

More products can be seen thanks to a close-up.

The two jars with pink lids contain Woodbury skin cream.

There are three boxes of Coty Airspun loose face powder: the classic version has the yellow box, while the peach box contains a perfumed version (the scent in this case is L’Aimant).


The lipsticks with the striped cases are Yardley Slicker.


The white compacts with pink lid contain Beauté-Salon face powder.

On the right side of the counter there’s also a table display of Pond’s lipsticks.

tothestars_bornunicorn (3)

Another shot shows us the far left side of the counter, where there’s another table display. This time the product is Woodbury lanolin-rich hand cream.

Blow the Man Down (2020)

blowthemandown_bornunicornEnid keeps some beauty products on a small table in her bedroom.


The two dropper bottles are Pearlessence products – overnight recovery serum in the gold one, Vitamin C + hyaluronic acid brightening facial serum in the dark one.


The tube on the right is Gold Bond Ultimate Radiance Renewal hydrating cream.

The Girl on the Train (2016)

thegirlonthetrain_bornunicornThere are several body cleansers in Megan’s shower.

jomalone_bodyandhandwashgel_bornunicornThe first from the left is a body and hand wash by Jo Malone.

thegirlonthetrain_bornunicorn (2)When she gets near the window (from where she can see the train to New York passing through), the other three products are clearer.

cobigeloweucalyptusbodycleanser_bornunicornThe first is Eucalyptus body cleanser by C. O. Bigelow.

rogergallet_roseshowergel_bornunicornThe second is Roger & Gallet Rose gentle shower cream.

cobigelow_elixirwhitehairandbodywash_bornunicornAnd the last tube is Elixir White hair & body wash, another C. O. Bigelow product.

Thanks to Jay for the submission and for telling me about this film: I had never watched it before and I enjoyed it a lot.

Compagni di scuola (1988)

compagnidiscuola2_bornunicornFederica (Nancy Brilli) is a glamourous woman who invites her high-school class mates to her beautiful mansion 15 years after their diploma. They will reminisce the best years of their lives but also bitterly reflect on their present. The opening sequence is set in the hostess’ bedroom, where’s she’s applying her make-up.

giorgiobeverlyhills_bornunicornThe first object that captures the attention is Giorgio Beverly Hills, the tuberose bomb created by Bob Aliano in 1981. This perfume, so popular in the 1980s, makes us understand Federica is one who doesn’t shy away from bold fashion and fragrance statements.

diornailpolish1980_bornunicornOn the dressing table there’s also a bottle of Christian Dior clear nail polish.

compagnidiscuola1_bornunicornThe guests soon arrive at Federica’s villa, but she’s still in her bedroom. She will soon go downstairs to meet her friends, but in this short scene we can take another look at her vanity.

azzaro9miniature_bornunicornThe miniature bottle by the mirror is Azzaro 9 by Loris Azzaro, another white floral fragrance launched in 1984.


yslparisbodycream_bornunicornThe round box with gold accents and hot pink cap is Yves Saint Laurent Paris perfumed body cream.

Seberg (2019)

seberg_bornunicornJean Seberg (Kristen Stewart) is getting ready for a photoshoot in her beautiful Hollywood mansion. There are some beauty items on her vanity, two of which are by Avon.

avonimari_bornunicornThe first is the dark red jar, which contains body lotion (in the film, the make-up artist puts it on Jean’s hands). As I’ve already pointed out, I think it’s the body lotion of Imari, which had the packaging in this exact shade of red. Imari perfume and its bodycare line were originally launched in 1985, though, so this could be another example of historical inaccuracy.

avonpatternscologne_bornunicornavonpatternsad_bornunicornThe other Avon product is an atomiser with a funky black and white Paisley pattern: it’s Patterns, a perfume launched in 1969, so in line with the time in which the film is set.

Thanks to Hillary, the curator of the Makeup Museum, for the Avon Patterns id.