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Romy Schneider’s Dressing Room (1961)

In March 1961 Luchino Visconti directed a French version of the revenge play ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore by the English playwright John Ford. Staged at the Théâtre de Paris, Dommage qu’elle soit une p… starred Romy Schneider as the protagonist Annabella and her fiancé Alain Delon as Giovanni.

In these beautiful backstage pictures by Maurice Jarnoux we can take a look at what beauty products the Austrian actress used. In the shot above she was applying Pan Stik compact foundation by Max Factor.

On her dressing table there were many make-up and skincare products, among which a bottle of baby lotion by the French brand Mustela.

When it comes to the perfumes, the first I’ve noticed is a huge houndstooth bottle by Christian Dior, used for several eaux de toilette and eaux de cologne by the French maison, so it’s impossible to tell what fragrance this specific bottle contained. Furthermore, it’s quite surprising to see a Dior fragrance on her dressing table: the perfumes she usually wore were Chanel No. 5, Guerlain L’Heure Bleue [1] and – as explained by Elena ProkofevaTubereuse by Jean-Francois Laporte.

The second bottle is a French classic – Roger & Gallet Jean Marie Farina eau de cologne, first launched in 1806.

The third perfume sighting is not a bottle but a white box with black details. It’s a coffret set by Chanel, usually containing a selection of four parfum extraits.

[1] Several Guerlain bottles appeared in the famous portraits of Romy Schneider taken by photographer Helga Kneidl in 1973 in Paris.

Picture source.

Raffaella Carrà’s Dressing Room (1983)

In 1983 the popularity of the Italian showgirl Raffaella Carrà was about to peak: in that year she would start hosting Pronto, Raffaella?, one of the most successful tv programmes of the decade. Angelo Deligio took these wonderful pictures of Raffaella in her dressing room, surrounded by beauty products, personal items (see the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas box above) and design objects [1].

lancome_vintagetoniquedouceur_bornunicornThe first beauty products that have captured my attention are by Lancôme. Raffaella used the classic toner/cleansing milk duo: the toner is Tonique Douceur, while the cleansing milk is Galatéis Douceur.

maxfactor_panstikvintage_bornunicornBy the mirror there’s also Max Factor Pan Stik, along with a tiny bottle of Imidazyl eye drops and a box of Chicco cotton buds.

This picture was taken on the opposite side of the room. The Lancôme duo is still visible, but next to Raffaella there’s another intriguing bottle.

jeannegatineauvintage_bornunicornHere it is again. It’s a Jeanne Gatineau product, probably an oil make-up remover. The trademark pink packaging can be found in the first picture, too, where a pink box sits by the mirror.

evianspraywater_bornunicornIf we move to the opposite side of the room, next to Raffaella, there are other two products – Schwarzkopf Taft hairspray and Evian spray mineral water.

[1] In the pictures there are Ericsson Ericofon phone and Philips wired broadcast receiver.

Imitation of Life (1959)

imitationoflife_bornunicorn (1)Lora Meredith (Lana Turner) has finally achieved her dream of being a famous Broadway actress, but her life is still inextricably connected to Annie Johnson, her maid, who helps her backstage, too. Lora’s dressing room is not particularly fancy, but some objects on her table are.

caronbellodgia_bornunicornThe big bottle on the left is Caron Bellodgia, a floral fragrance created in 1927 by Ernest Daltroff. This bottle with a prism-shaped stopper was designed by Félicie Vanpouille Bergaud.

lucienlelong_openingnight_bornunicornThe other bottle is Opening Night by Lucien Lelong. Originally launched as Orage in 1935, it was re-named for the English market. The original bottle had a pyramid shape, but in 1938 this one (designed by Philippe Hiolle) was introduced on the market.

imitationoflife_bornunicorn (2)As for the make-up, one item is immediately recognizable – Max Factor Pan Stik, the revolutionary foundation in stick form launched in 1947.

maxfactorpanstick_lanaturner_bornunicorn1.jpgLana Turner was among the Hollywood stars who served as testimonials for Max Factor products. The ad above is from 1951.


caronbellodgia_bornunicornLater in the film, Caron Bellodgia can be seen on Sarah Jane’s vanity. I can imagine Lora giving a bottle of her perfume to her maid’s daughter, because she really cares about her. Despite providing for both of them all through the movie, there’s an undercurrent racism in the actress’ attitude towards the girl: she often reprimands her for rejecting her “blackness”, but ends up with reinforcing her being “different”.

Maila Nurmi’s Dressing Room (1950s)

The Finnish-born Maila Nurmi became famous in the United States as Vampira, the first horror tv host. Protagonist of the Vampira Show in 1954/1955, she also starred in Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) by Ed Wood.

The idea for her character was born in 1953 when she attended the Bal Caribe Masquerade in a costume inspired by Morticia Addams. Her characterization was also influenced by the Dragon Lady from the comic strip Terry and the Pirates and the evil queen from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).

maxfactor_panstikvintage_bornunicornIn the picture above, shot in her dressing room, Nurmi was applying a foundation stick, the now iconic Pan Stik by Max Factor. Her trademark bat sunglasses can be seen, too.

Feud E01 (Pilot)

The kit of Joan Crawford’s make-up artist include several boxes of Max Factor Pan Stik creamy foundation.

The pressed powder on the left could be the famous Creme Puff by Max Factor, but no details are visible. Next to it there’s a gold tube of Bésame Cosmetics mascara and a beautiful gold vintage compact. The red round pot on the right is another Bésame product – the cream rouge in Crimson.

More Bésame products here: I’ve spotted other two round pots of cream rouge and a round pot of brightening powder. No details are shown, so it could be the Violet, the Vanilla or the Vanilla Rose one. On the table we see the pressed compact powder again, along with two gold bullet lipsticks (the one laying on the table is by Bésame) and a Bésame cake mascara with mirror compact.