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La stanza del vescovo (1977)

There are several bottles on the vanity in Charlotte's bedroom, among which two Hermès perfumes. One is on the left of the wooden table watch: it's Equipage, the first masculine perfume released by the French fashion house. Created by Guy Robert, it was launched in 1970. The other is on the right side of the… Continue reading La stanza del vescovo (1977)

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S02E03 (The Punishment Room)

When Susie (Alex Borstein) goes to B. Altman to fetch Midge and take her to an evening gig, we can see a big factice bottle on a counter. Despite the hot pink liquid in it, the bottle is clearly recognizable: it's Hermès Calèche sans the ribbon around the neck. Picture source.

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Divine on Harpers and Queen (September 1980)

Divine having a bubble bath in a St. John's Wood bathroom is such an entrancing view! The artist from Baltimore, protagonist of many iconoclastic films by John Waters, posed for Peter Warner for Divine Bathrooms, Lovely Loos, a photoshoot published on the British magazine Harpers and Queen (September 1980 issue). There are some perfume bottles… Continue reading Divine on Harpers and Queen (September 1980)

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The Bitch (1979)

The "bitch" of the movie title is Fontaine Khaled (Joan Collins), the fierce owner of a trendy disco. She loves living surrounded by luxury, so no surprise to see expensive perfumes in her bathroom. The 400 ml bottle on the left is Hermès Calèche, a woody floral fragrance created by Guy Robert in 1961. The refillable spray… Continue reading The Bitch (1979)

stars' vanities/make-up cases/cabinets in real life

Catherine Deneuve and Hermès

I have no idea what Catherine Deneuve was doing in a Hermès shop window in Paris, but I love this shot. Taken in the 1960s, it portrays the French actress barefoot, acting like a shop assistant who's taking a bag from the window for a customer. Among the objects displayed, a bottle of Calèche, one… Continue reading Catherine Deneuve and Hermès

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Northern Exposure S03E01 (The Bumpy Road to Love)

The protagonists of this scene are Maggie (Janine Turner) and Joanne (Cathryn De Prume). They have one thing in common - Rick Pederson, Maggie's ex-boyfriend who cheated on her several times. Joanne travels to Cicely (Alaska) to see the unveiling of a statue commemorating Rick's death. Later, they meet at a bar and have the following conversation.… Continue reading Northern Exposure S03E01 (The Bumpy Road to Love)