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Divine on Harpers and Queen (1980)

divine_harpersandqueens_bornunicornDivine having a bubble bath in a St. John’s Wood bathroom is such an entrancing view! The artist from Baltimore, protagonist of many iconoclastic films by John Waters, posed for Peter Warner for Divine Bathrooms, Lovely Loos, a photoshoot published on the British magazine Harpers and Queen (September 1980 issue).

ninaricci_lairdutempsfluted_bornunicornThere are some perfume bottles on the mahogany-panelled window by the tub. The first on the left is the amphora-like bottle of L’air du temps by Nina Ricci, created by Francis Fabron and launched in 1948.

courregesempreinte_bornunicornNext to it, Empreinte by Courreges, a fragrance created by Robert Gonnon and launched in 1970.

hermes_calechevintage_bornunicornI haven’t been able to identify the bottle with the white stopper next to it, but the small bottle on the right is definitely Hermès Calèche,  composed by Guy Robert in 1961.

yslopiumbodyveil_bornunicornNot only perfumes, but body lotions, too. The white bottle is Yves Saint Laurent Opium perfumed body veil.

avonvanityjar_bornunicornThe glass containers look like Avon vanity jars.

Do you want to channel your inner Divine? You need a ball dress by Zandra Rhodes to abandon on the floor, a box of Charbonnel et Walker chocolates, a shell ring by Andrew Logan and a platinum blonde curly hairdo. No results guaranteed but worth trying ♥

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