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Glow S03E08 (Keep Ridin’)

Bash Howard (Chris Lowell), heir to the Howard Foods business empire and producer of GLOW, is one of my favourite characters of the show, so a scene set in his bathroom was very much welcomed by yours truly, who couldn't wait to take a look at his beauty products. First on the left of the marble… Continue reading Glow S03E08 (Keep Ridin’)

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Pusher (1996)

Frank (Kim Bodnia) and Tonny (Mads Mikkelsen) take a trip to Matas, a local drugstore. Lots of personal care/beauty products can be seen. Matas products, with the trademark striped packaging, are on the shelves of a whole aisle. A staple of 1990s hair-styling - L'Oreal Studio Line hair products, with the lovely white, yellow, black, red and… Continue reading Pusher (1996)