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Pusher (1996)

Frank (Kim Bodnia) and Tonny (Mads Mikkelsen) take a trip to Matas, a local drugstore. Lots of personal care/beauty products can be seen. Matas products, with the trademark striped packaging, are on the shelves of a whole aisle. A staple of 1990s hair-styling - L'Oreal Studio Line hair products, with the lovely white, yellow, black, red and… Continue reading Pusher (1996)

skincare in movies

Pusher II (2004)

There are several Australian Gold products behind the counter of the tanning salon where Gry (Maria Erwolter) works. The gold tubes on the top shelf are tubes of Hot!, a tanning lotion, while the white bottles on the second shelf are Moisture Lock tan extender lotion. On the top shelf there are also bottles of dark-tanning… Continue reading Pusher II (2004)