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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour S01E12 (Hangover)

Jayne Mansfield starred in this episode as Marion, a girl the protagonist (advertising man Hadley Purvis) has taken home with him. He doesn’t remember anything about it because he is an alcoholic, so he has to reconstruct the events of the night before.

Mansfield, sporting a short hairstyle, posed for some on-set pictures in a bathroom. There are two intriguing bottles on the marble shelf behind her.

The tall ribbed bottle is Lanvin Eau de Lanvin. The prop masters replaced the original black bakelite stopper with an ordinary one.

The other bottle is by Lucien Lelong. Since the label usually wrapping the bottle neck is missing, we can make an assumption from the stopper: I think it contained Opening Night cologne.

Picture source.

Le dernier métro (1980)

Marion Steiner is a strong woman: she’s the owner and leading actress of the Théâtre Montmartre in Paris during WWII. She’s also exceptionally beautiful and elegant, despite the harsh living and working conditions of that historical period. Still, it’s quite surprising to see an incredible array of Lanvin Arpège [1] products on her dressing table. This choice is historically accurate: the Lanvin perfume, created by Paul Vacher and Andre Fraysse, was launched in 1927.

Starting from the left, there’s a tall faceted bottle of Eau de Lanvin Arpège.

Next, two small bottles with square stopper of Arpège.

The only non-Lanvin product is Caron Narcisse Noir in the original bottle with engraved black stopper.

The black rectangular half-open box contains Lanvin Arpège soap. The packaging of the box seen in the movie is slightly different from the one above, though: the box in the movie has faceted – not rounded – edges.

The round box contains Arpège dusting powder.

Last, Arpège in the classic boule noire with ribbed stopper.

The same objects appear in a scene where Marion (Catherine Deneuve) is sitting at her vanity. In this case, another bottle of Eau de Lanvin Arpège can be seen in front of the mirror.

[1] Other Lanvin perfumes were launched before 1942 (year in which the film takes place) – Mon Péché in 1924, Scandal in 1931, Rumeur in 1934, Pretexte in 1937. The same bottles were used for most of them, so those seen on Marion’s table could contain one of them and not Arpège. Arpège was the most popular, though, so I guess it was easier to find in war times.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S01E05 (Doink)

themarvelousmrsmaisel_s01e05_bornunicorn (5)


lanvinarpege_tallbottle_bornunicornWhile Midge Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) is walking through the beauty department at B. Altman, we get a glimpse of two factice bottles. The tallest one is Rochas Madame Rochas; the one with the squared black stopper is an eau by Lanvin (it could be either Arpege or My Sin).

Feud E01 (Pilot)

There are several perfumes in the bedroom Bette Davis and Gary Merrill (Mark Valley) share: one – his – is St. Johns Bay Rum after-shave lotion.

On her dresser there are some bottles and two Oscar statuettes [1]. The tall ribbed bottle is Lanvin Eau de Lanvin Arpège 85°. This is a very accurate choice: I don’t know if Bette Davis wore Arpege in real life, but one of the most important roles she played in – Margo Channing in All About Eve (1950) by  Joseph L. Mankiewicz – had two boule bottles of this perfume on her dresser.

[1] Davis won an Oscar in 1935 for her role in Dangerous (1935) by Alfred E. Green and one for Jezebel (1938) by William Wyler.

Endeavour S03E03 (Prey)

endeavour_s03e03_bornunicornThere are several beauty products and perfume bottles on the dressing table of Georgina Mortmaigne (Stefanie Martini).

yardley_oldenglishlavender_bornunicornThe first bottle on the left is Yardley Old English Lavender, an aromatic fougère fragrance launched in 1913.

lanvin_vintagearpege_bornunicornThe ribbed octagonal crystal bottle with an octagonal black bakelite stopper is a spectacular edition of Eau de Lanvin Arpège 85°. The perfume by Andre Fraysse and Paul Vacher was created in 1927, the name chosen by Marguerite Lanvin.

coty_laimantdustingpowder_bornunicornThe ivory and pink round box contains Coty L’Aimant dusting powder. The perfume with the same name was launched in 1927.