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Endeavour S05E05 (Quartet)

endeavourS05E05_bornunicornVespertine is the name of the latest perfume created by Sebastian Fenix. It’s a fictional perfume, but there’s more to it. The yellow flower on the label is reminiscent of the datura flower in bloom. Not coincidentally, datura is a vespertine flower, meaning that it blooms in the evening. Furthermore, it’s a poisonous flowering plant, a nod to the shady perfumer who created the aforementioned fragrance.

Endeavour S05E02 (Cartouche)

endeavour_s05e02_bornunicornGuilia Gallo is reading an issue of Movies Monthly, which has a Max Factor advert as back cover. Lucille Ball stars in it, introducing new shades of lipstick. While I appreciate the effort, there’s a problem here: the episode is set in the late 1960s, while the advert is from the 1940s. The actress on the magazine cover is Veronique Carlton (Betty Denville), who appears in the episode; from this we know that the magazine is recent and not from 20 years earlier.

Endeavour S01E02 (Fugue)

endeavour_s01e02_bornunicornRoy Adamson (Lex Shrapnel) keeps a perfume bottle in his desk drawer. It’s a fictional perfume, Amour Propre, which he puts on when he goes out on a date with Evelyn Balfour, a married woman. The name means “self-love,” a concept introduced by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, according to which esteem depends upon the opinion of others.

Endeavour S03E03 (Prey)

endeavour_s03e03_bornunicornThere are several beauty products and perfume bottles on the dressing table of Georgina Mortmaigne (Stefanie Martini).

yardley_oldenglishlavender_bornunicornThe first bottle on the left is Yardley Old English Lavender, an aromatic fougère fragrance launched in 1913.

lanvin_vintagearpege_bornunicornThe ribbed octagonal crystal bottle with an octagonal black bakelite stopper is a spectacular edition of Eau de Lanvin Arpège 85°. The perfume by Andre Fraysse and Paul Vacher was created in 1927, the name chosen by Marguerite Lanvin.

coty_laimantdustingpowder_bornunicornThe ivory and pink round box contains Coty L’Aimant dusting powder. The perfume with the same name was launched in 1927.