haircare in tv shows

Endeavour S05E04 (Colours)

Hazel Radowicz is a hairdresser. Some interesting products can be seen in her shop. In the screencap above, there are two jars: the one on top is Silvikrin hair cream; the other is Elizabeth Arden Ardena Velva cream. There are also many cans of Supersoft hairspray in different holds.

perfumes in tv shows

Endeavour S05E05 (Quartet)

Vespertine is the name of the latest perfume created by Sebastian Fenix. It's a fictional perfume, but there's more to it. The yellow flower on the label is reminiscent of the datura flower in bloom. Not coincidentally, datura is a vespertine flower, meaning that it blooms in the evening. Furthermore, it's a poisonous flowering plant,… Continue reading Endeavour S05E05 (Quartet)

make-up products in tv shows

Endeavour S05E02 (Cartouche)

Guilia Gallo is reading an issue of Movies Monthly, which has a Max Factor advert as back cover. Lucille Ball stars in it, introducing new shades of lipstick. While I appreciate the effort, there's a problem here: the episode is set in the late 1960s, while the advert is from the 1940s. The actress on… Continue reading Endeavour S05E02 (Cartouche)