Endeavour S05E05 (Quartet)

Vespertine is the name of the latest perfume created by Sebastian Fenix. It’s a fictional perfume, but there’s more to it. The yellow flower on the label is reminiscent of the datura flower in bloom. Not coincidentally, datura is a vespertine flower, meaning that it blooms in the evening. Furthermore, it’s a poisonous flowering plant, a nod to the shady perfumer who created the aforementioned … Continue reading Endeavour S05E05 (Quartet)

Endeavour S05E02 (Cartouche)

Guilia Gallo is reading an issue of Movies Monthly, which has a Max Factor advert as back cover. Lucille Ball stars in it, introducing new shades of lipstick. While I appreciate the effort, there’s a problem here: the episode is set in the late 1960s, while the advert is from the 1940s. The actress on the magazine cover is Veronique Carlton (Betty Denville), who appears … Continue reading Endeavour S05E02 (Cartouche)