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Killing Eve S01E05 (I Have A Thing About Bathrooms)

The assassin Villanelle wears a perfume named after her, which she often uses as a weapon. Not surprisingly, she sends a bottle to Eve Polastri, the MI5 officer who is after her but at the time time obsessed with her. The packaging is luxurious - thick cardboard for the box, satin lining, statement glass bottle.… Continue reading Killing Eve S01E05 (I Have A Thing About Bathrooms)

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Evil Under the Sun (1982)

Souffle de Mer is the fictional perfume that can be seen in Arlena Stuart Marshall's bedroom. Its bottle doesn't remind me of any real product, but the name is appropriate, since the film is set at an exclusive Adriatic island resort. As Allison pointed out in the comments, in the film the French name of the perfume is… Continue reading Evil Under the Sun (1982)

perfumes in tv shows

Endeavour S05E05 (Quartet)

Vespertine is the name of the latest perfume created by Sebastian Fenix. It's a fictional perfume, but there's more to it. The yellow flower on the label is reminiscent of the datura flower in bloom. Not coincidentally, datura is a vespertine flower, meaning that it blooms in the evening. Furthermore, it's a poisonous flowering plant,… Continue reading Endeavour S05E05 (Quartet)

perfumes in tv shows

Endeavour S01E02 (Fugue)

Roy Adamson (Lex Shrapnel) keeps a perfume bottle in his desk drawer. It's a fictional perfume, Amour Propre, which he puts on when he goes out on a date with Evelyn Balfour, a married woman. The name means "self-love," a concept introduced by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, according to which esteem depends upon the opinion of others.

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American Horror Story S04E06 (Bullseye)

Venetian Romance is a fictional perfume which has an important role in this episode. It's Penny's signature scent, the one she wears when she meets her lover Paul (Mat Fraser). Paul goes to a drugstore to buy it for Penny. Thanks to the screencap above we can see its bottle is actually the one of a… Continue reading American Horror Story S04E06 (Bullseye)

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Pane, amore e… (1955)

When Comandante Carotenuto (Vittorio De Sica) first meets Donna Sofia "'a Smargiassa" (Sofia Loren), he comments on her perfume. "What a wonderful perfume! Notti d'oriente?", he muses. "No, no. Lavanda Cannavale," she replies. There's a contrast between the two fragrances: Notti d'oriente is a fictional perfume, a synonym for respectability, despite its exotic and seductive name;… Continue reading Pane, amore e… (1955)