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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour S01E12 (Hangover)

Jayne Mansfield starred in this episode as Marion, a girl the protagonist (advertising man Hadley Purvis) has taken home with him. He doesn’t remember anything about it because he is an alcoholic, so he has to reconstruct the events of the night before.

Mansfield, sporting a short hairstyle, posed for some on-set pictures in a bathroom. There are two intriguing bottles on the marble shelf behind her.

The tall ribbed bottle is Lanvin Eau de Lanvin. The prop masters replaced the original black bakelite stopper with an ordinary one.

The other bottle is by Lucien Lelong. Since the label usually wrapping the bottle neck is missing, we can make an assumption from the stopper: I think it contained Opening Night cologne.

Picture source.

Jayne Mansfield’s Bathroom

jaynemansfieldbathroom_bornunicornThe Pink Palace perfectly symbolised the unique aesthetics of Jayne Mansfield: bought by the actress in 1957, it was completely renovated and customised so as to become a “pink landmark” on Sunset Boulevard. Mansfield had it painted pink and decorated with cupids, furs, hearts, marble and golden details.

rochasfemme_bornunicornIn the picture above, Jayne was talking on the phone while taking a bubble bath. Her image is mirrored on the opposite wall; thanks to this technical trick we get to see the bathroom, which featured pink carpet pretty much everywhere, golden faucets and hearts. There’s a white bottle among the toiletries: it’s the eau de cologne version of Rochas Femme, one of her favourite fragrances. Created by Edmond Roudnitska, it was launched in 1944.

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