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Jayne Mansfield’s Bathroom

jaynemansfieldbathroom_bornunicornThe Pink Palace perfectly symbolised the unique aesthetics of Jayne Mansfield: bought by the actress in 1957, it was completely renovated and customised so as to become a “pink landmark” on Sunset Boulevard. Mansfield had it painted pink and decorated with cupids, furs, hearts, marble and golden details.

rochasfemme_bornunicornIn the picture above, Jayne was talking on the phone while taking a bubble bath. Her image is mirrored on the opposite wall; thanks to this technical trick we get to see the bathroom, which featured pink carpet pretty much everywhere, golden faucets and hearts. There’s a white bottle among the toiletries: it’s the eau de cologne version of Rochas Femme, one of her favourite fragrances. Created by¬†Edmond Roudnitska, it was launched in 1944.

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