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Nerve (2016)

nerve_bornunicornWhen Vee (Emma Roberts) visits Bergdorf Goodman for a dare, she stops by a perfume counter to ask for directions. Lots of Atelier Cologne bottles can be seen in this scene.

ateliercolognematieres_bornunicornThe five bottles on the left are from the Collection MatièresRose AnonymeJasmin AngéliqueVanille InsenséeVétiver Fatal and Ambre Nue.

ateliercologne_metalsThe bottles in the middle are from the Collection MétalGold Leather, Santal Carmin, Silver Iris, Oud Saphir, Blanche Immortelle and Camelia Interlude.

ateliercologne_original_bornunicornThe bottles of the right include Bois Blonds, Trèfle Pur, Pomélo Paradis and Bergamote Soleil.

Thanks to Kora-Lee Lust for the id.

Screencap source.