Nerve (2016)


When Vee (Emma Roberts) visits Bergdorf Goodman for a dare, she stops by a perfume counter to ask for directions. Lots of Atelier Cologne bottles can be seen in this scene.


The five bottles on the left are from the Collection MatièresRose Anonyme, Jasmin Angélique, Vanille Insensée, Vétiver Fatal and Ambre Nue.


The bottles in the middle are from the Collection MétalGold Leather, Santal Carmin, Silver Iris, Oud Saphir, Blanche Immortelle and Camelia Intrepide.


The bottles of the right include Bois Blonds, Trèfle Pur, Pomélo Paradis and Bergamote Soleil.

Thanks to Kora-Lee Lust for the id.

Screencap source.

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