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Cymbeline (2014)



oribe_maximistathickeningspray_bornunicornoribe_shinelightreflectingspray_bornunicornoribe_roughluxurysoftmoldingpaste_bornunicornThere are three Oribe products on the Queen’s dressing table – Maximista thickening spray, Shine Light Reflecting spray and Rough Luxury Soft molding paste.

drhauschkafacialtoner_bornunicornThe tall bottles are a body moisturiser and a lotion (or an oil) by Dr. Hauschka.

narsbabe_bornunicornLast but not least, there’s a NARS lipgloss in front of the hair pomade jar.

House of Cards S01E06


houseofcards_s01e06_bornunicornThe dressing table of Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) is pretty busy. We can find several interesting perfumes and make-up items on it.

The perfumes I’ve identified are Tocca Bianca (a sparkling scent with bottom notes of musk and sugar), Chloé Chloé (created by Betty Busse and launched in 1975 by Karl Lagerfeld; it’s white floral/woody perfume) and Penhaligon’s Cornubia (a vampy white floral scent created by Nathalie Lawson in 1991).

mac150brush_bornunicornThe make-up items include a MAC 150 blush brush and Studio Fix powder foundation.

narsglosses_bornunicornThere are two NARS lipglosses, too. I’m pretty sure one is Albatross (it has the old packaging), while the other could be Guyane or Vent Salé (with the new packaging).

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