Stranger Things S03E01 (Suzie, Do You Copy?)

Nancy has spent the night with Jonathan and she’s in a hurry to get to work. When the camera quickly pans over a dresser in Jonathan’s bedroom, we can see a perfume bottle that definitely belongs to Nancy: it’s Cacharel Anais Anais eau de parfum, a romantic white floral scent created in 1978 by Roger Pellegrino, Robert Gonnon, Paul Leger and Raymond Chaillan. Continue reading Stranger Things S03E01 (Suzie, Do You Copy?)

Red Oaks S02E09 (The Wedding)

There’s a bottle of Cacharel Anais Anais perfume in the bathroom where Karen (Gage Golightly) is crying, not sure whether to marry Barry or not. It’s unclear if the girl is wearing this perfume, but it would be perfect for her. I personally see this white floral, created in 1978 by Roger Pellegrino, Robert Gonnon, Paul Leger and Raymond Chaillan, as one of the most romantic fragrances ever. Continue reading Red Oaks S02E09 (The Wedding)

ABBA’s Dressing Room

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Raffaella went to Stockholm, where she visited ABBA The Museum. She sent me some awesome pictures of the band’s dressing tables, so let’s see what’s on them. On the left, next to the metal suitcase, there’s a box of Cacharel Anaïs Anaïs, the ultra-feminine and romantic perfume created in 1978 by Roger Pellegrino, Robert Gonnon, Paul Leger and Raymond Chaillan. The yellow bottle next … Continue reading ABBA’s Dressing Room